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Easter is  not only about the bunny, you know. It’s also when the crazies come out—and I’m not just talking about the bunny.  All over the world people do crazy things like booking the good old self-crucifiction trip in the Philippines or the proselytizing end of days trip to Jerusalem. People get cranky when they fast. And this this the time of fasting, of atonement and generally being in a pretty pissed off mood all over the middle-east and Christendom.

who needs it?

who needs it?

Which is why, I’d head to Tel-Aviv. Leave the religious people in Jerusalem, leave the politics and the mean settlers who keep building despite the condemnation by the rest of the world. Just leave them all behind And see what Israel is really like.



It’s young

It’s liberal

It wants an end to right-wing politics

It loves Obama

Yep, Tel Aviv is not Jerusalem. Although they’re only 44 miles apart, “TA” for those in-the-know could stand for tits and ass. It’s like the Med and the people who live here want to be thought f as that way. They are not political here, they are nor religious here.  Forget tradition: Here, Friday nights are devoted to reveling rather than reflecting, and kosher cuisine is overshadowed by international fare.

People come here not so much to see the place as to experience it. Once you’ve had your fill of museum hopping, let yourself fall into the rhythm of this modern Mediterranean metropolis. Devote your days to lounging on Gordon-Frishman Beach or meandering through the streets of Jaffa. And when night falls, allow yourself to be swept up by the luring hum of club music and the nonstop flow of cocktails.

life here

life here

Tel Aviv Culture & Customs

Tel Aviv is an extremely laid-back city where people from all walks of life come to share a beach umbrella or a café table.

But that wasn’t necessarily the ambition of the city’s founders. Tel Aviv came to life in the late 1800s when a small group of Jews migrated north from the cramped living conditions of Jaffa, which was mostly Arab  at the time. In 1921, riots in Jaffa drove roughly 40,000 inhabitants to the tiny settlement, while the outbreak of World War II caused another large influx of residents. To accommodate the rapidly growing population, Tel Aviv underwent an extreme expansion, both outward and upward.

This is a very diverse city simply because its residents come from all corners of the globe and luckily here  the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems far away. The city has not been a target of political violence since the 1990s. While visiting Tel Aviv, you should feel completely safe in public areas. However, remember that this is a big city: Keep an eye on your valuables and avoid walking alone at night, especially in unfamiliar areas.

Tel-Aviv  cafe life

Tel-Aviv cafe life

Tel Aviv’s diversity has led to an eclectic culinary scene. You’ll find crowded cafĂ©s rubbing elbows with restaurants serving everything from Mediterranean specialties to sushi. However, kosher options are harder to find here. Dress code is casual, and all of these restaurants accept Shekels, Israel’s official currency. One shekel roughly translates to $0.26 USD.

healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

The best times to visit Tel Aviv are March through April and September through November. Spring and fall are the best here for prices and great weather.  Tel Aviv during the summer months is hard core hot, not to mention the inflated prices. The winter months also see a spike in tourism as travelers from northern countries (particularly in Europe) come to thaw. If you’d like to learn more about planning a Fall European vacation please make sure to read our article here.  So Spring is a great time to visit Tel Aviv.

Keep in mind:

  • You’ll feel welcome Israelis and Arabs live side-by-side here, only parting ways to let an American beach-bum or European backpacker pass. The streets echo with Hebrew and Arabic, but English-speakers aren’t hard to come by.
  • Avoid talking politics Tel Aviv is a very safe city, and you’re unlikely to witness any hint of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But that doesn’t mean you should talk about it. Keep strong opinions to yourself.
  • Stand your ground Israelis are notorious line-cutters. You’re bound to witness locals pushing their way past you. Don’t hesitate to speak up if someone cuts you off; assertiveness is completely acceptable here.
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