Travel Alert: Ladies Watch It In India

woman gangraped

woman gang raped

When I was a student in England, everyone went to India for their gap year or their summer after A Levels. It was so common, that no one batted an eye. It was also so safe that mothers and fathers didn’t think twice about sending their daughters there. The trend has come here with many hippy do-gooders  wanting to go to India after graduating form some liberal arts school.  But India is not what it was.

Rape is becoming more and more prevalent. Check this out: Five men gang-raped a Swiss woman as she camped with her husband in the central state of Madhya Pradesh.

The couple were camping at a village in Datia district on Friday during a cycling trip when they were attacked by a group of men. This is so incredibly out of character for Indian men.  They overpowered the husband before gang-raping his wife and they were robbed of their valuables.

bad press

bad press

Fortunately the police took immediate action and detained at least 20 people after the attack, and then now, they have five men who have admitted to the crime. There is one left to find.

The 39 year old woman and her husband were cycling from Orchha to Agra, to see the Taj Mahal—about 155 miles—when they decided to camp for the night in a forested area.

The victim’s husband told police that the group of men had approached them, then began beating him with wooden sticks before tying him up and sexually assaulting his wife in front of him.

Then they stole the couple’s valuables and took off into the woods.

this is the forest where she was raped

this is the forest where she was raped

After the attack, the rape victim underwent a medical examination at a local hospital before leaving for Delhi with her husband.

Conscious of the affect on India’s international image – battered by the Delhi gang-rape – the authorities are under pressure to resolve this case quickly, our Delhi correspondent says.

Indian police are still regularly criticized for failing to take other alleged rape cases seriously, despite the outcry over the safety of women in recent months, he adds. They are also often accused of using rough tactics to secure confessions.

people are freaking out

people are freaking out

On Monday, one of the Delhi rape suspects was found dead in prison. Police said Ram Singh hanged himself, but his family suspect he was murdered. It’s getting very bad in India and it does not seem close to stopping. PLEASE, if you do go to India, or allow your children to go, be sure to have them:

1. Stay in large hotels

2. Have an English-speaking driver—they are cheap and plentiful

3. Never stray, camp in woods, etc.

4. Stay in your hotel at night.

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