Mommy Explorer: Skiing in Europe

Skiing Europe: The Best Kept Secret Ever

When our daughter turned thirteen this January, my husband announced, out loud, off the top of his head, without consulting me first, a serious crime in and of itself, that he wanted to take us all on a family ski trip to Europe.

“Europe?” I stared. I’d just taken the Christmas tree down that morning. It felt like we’d been doing nothing but well, doing nothing for two weeks. “The kids are back in school in a week, it takes so long to get there.”

But before I could finish my sentence, he held up four tickets. “Put on your coziest jammies, bring a boring book, take a long good sleep and we’ll be in Innsbruck by morning.”

Of course I panicked. “What about the dog?”

“Dog can either come with and help guard our incredible chalet I’ve rented in St. Anton-”


“Worthy of Mr. Bond himself.” He opened a folded piece of paper, with the most incredible, picturesque two-story wooden Austrian ski chalet, locked in snow, emanating golden firelight. I’d seen these pictures all my life but had never imagined that we could all go. “Or he can stay at your mom’s for the week, entirely up to you.”

But still I was worried. It all seemed so extravagant. “I’m not even going to ask you about the cost.”

“Go ahead.” He smiled. I was the worrier, he knew that. “The chalet will cost less than a thousand for the whole trip. For all of us. Ours, the whole thing. And you’re never going to believe what comes with it,” he handed me the details, the wonderful, exciting, luxurious details. “You may not even want to leave the chalet.”

Brunnenhof Hotel St. Anton

Brunnenhof Hotel St. Anton

“This?” I stared, read the entire brochure back to back like a delicious and fat-free menu. It was beautiful. Modern beds, with fluffy white down comforters, four private bedrooms each with its own en-suite bathroom, including bathrobes, slippers and wonderful “Aromatherapy products waiting for you!”

My husband nodded. “Yep, all for you.”

“It also has its own wellness suite, with sauna, shower and relaxation area,” I look up to see John, my husband, pulling out his boots, “and the staff can also arrange a massage for you in the chalet when your legs can’t move from all that skiing.”


“Oh my God, European breakfast is included! I absolutely love European breakfasts!” I read on, I can’t believe it. No dishes to worry about every morning! There is fruit juice, yogurt, cereals, porridge and preserves with freshly baked bread delivered each morning. A hot breakfast is also cooked on request until 9am. And it gets better, it keep getting better.

“John,” I look up, “afternoon tea – with homemade cakes, biscuits or savory and plenty of fresh bread and preserves laid out for you on your return from the slopes. Free. For all of us.”

Breakfast at Haus Cristoph

Breakfast at Haus Cristoph

“No dishes again.”

I smile like I kid. “Now I’m on to dinner.” I read. Dinner, the highlight of the evening, starts with pre-dinner drinks and canapes in the lounge, before an excellent three-course meal. Wine accompanies the meal (a choice of 3 reds and 3 whites) and a selection of local cheeses will also be available, served with port. Tea and/or coffee and mints follow.

“The chalet staff will have one day off during the week (usually Thursday) for you to enjoy the delights of the local restaurants. On this day you will be able to help yourself to a buffet style continental breakfast.”

“Like having a full-time staff, huh, honey?”

“You’re right, I’ll never leave.” And there’s more. I keep reading. Rooms will be made ready in the evening whilst you are at dinner. The bed will be made ready, the bedside lights will be switched on and water will be placed next to your bed. The hosts will cater for all individual requirements, including vegetarians, special diets and allergies – just let us know before you travel. Remember here you will have your own slippers, bathrobes and luxury aromatherapy toiletries, English newspapers and a fruit bowl.

Haus Cristoph Living Room

Haus Cristoph Living Room

“Mom!” The kids come out, towing fully packed suitcases. “We’re going, right?”

“No two ways about it, right?” My Son is wearing his ski jacket, cap and goggles even though we don’t leave until the next night. what is one function of the gallbladder

I jump up, I rush to call my mother. “Mom, can you take Oli for the week?” The kids are looking at me, my husband John’s looking too. And he looks so happy, so relaxed. “John’s taking us skiing for a week.” There’s a pause. I know what she’s going to ask. “No, not Colorado. We’re going to Europe, Mom. Austria, I know, can you believe it!” I shake my head, hear the pause, I know what’s coming. “No, Mom, it’s not costing us an arm and a leg at all, but it should. My husband found this great new website called  Best Travel Store and not only did he get the cheapest tickets out there, he actually got the seats we wanted because at BTS travel, you can actually preview your seats before you purchase them. So we can all sleep together in the same row.”

“How do you know if the place you’re staying in is really as nice as all that?” She kept at it. “I can’t tell you how many friends of mine have come home with horror stories-”

“I tell you what, I’ll call you as soon as we walk through the front door. If I’m right and it’s perfect, you owe me free babysitting for a year.”

“And if you’re wrong?”

“We’ll send you anywhere you want to go.” My husband was shaking his head. “Is it a deal?”

“Deal. Call me as soon as you land.”

“Jeez, you sure are becoming a pain in the butt in your old age.” I laughed, hung up and began to strategize our packing. There was no way my mom was going to get me down.

Skiing in Fresh Snow

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of My Oh So Naïve Ski Vacation With Husband and Kids in Tow. And yep, Mom was right. Sort of.

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