vacation sex

vacation sex

How’s that for a headline? I came across it the other day and thought I’d send it out to you all because travel and sex go together like apple pie and cheese.

And heads-up, people, I’m not talking traveling FOR sex, but having sex with the one you ARE traveling with, preferably your husband or wife.

When vacation time rolls around, like right this minute, and we’re all busy thinking Hawaii, Mexico, Europe. We’re stressed about getting the house in order, the kids packed, the dog sent off.

Pre-vacation time IS NOT a good time for sex. Tell me who out there isn’t super stressed when they’re getting ready to leave?  One thing to do before you hop on that plane is to read our article that covers 7 airline errors that could ruin your trip here.

But the minute you get on that plane, something comes over you—you just relax. Small things, heck, big things don’t even bother you. Your spouse doesn’t drive you to dream of single lie, your children are suddenly so much fun to hang out with again. And you like life.

Yep, that’s why we go on vacation. It makes us like life all over again. And this is not just my opinion, it’s according to a  survey commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association in which they state that traveling together will improve a couple’s sex life.



And not just during the travel period—the survey found that the romance and better sex enjoyed during travel lasts long after the trip is over. Now that, I’m not buying it.

For the survey, Edge Research interviewed 1,100 adults. Some 72 percent of the couples said travel inspires romance, and 63 percent said a weekend getaway is more romantic than receiving large or small gifts.

Approximately 77 percent of respondents who traveled with a significant other reported a good sex life, compared with 63 percent of couples who don’t travel as a couple.

And what about that? Is that weird NOT to travel with your spouse? I actually know of a few people who are married that travel separately. They come from different countries, and have a child, thus choose to use their vacation time doing different things. He jets off to England and China as though he’s single while she travels to Canada and Israel with her child to stay with friends.

I’ve asked her if this drives them further apart and she said it does, but that once you get used to doing it, it’s hard to give up that freedom. I’m sure that’s true. Most couples, including myself, want to go to different places, but they compromise because it means time together. And time together on vacation makes for a healthy sex life. And as we all know, healthy sex life means happier marriage.

it happens trust me

it happens trust me

But be careful, planning a vacation with your spouse can lead to premature separation, especially when you follow some of these self-help websites that tell you to put your reading glasses on, settle into a few hard-backed chairs and discuss budget!

Talk about a buzz kill!

When choosing a place to go:

  1. Think FUN.
  2. Think what do we all love to do?
  3. Have fun planning it. Don’t nickel and dime it and turn it into a chore.
  4. Consider time and money
  5. Look for great deals in FUN places
  6. Don’t go someplace you don’t want to go to please others

Planning a family vacation, can be a little trickier, but trust me vacation sex can still happen. First off:

Kids and husbands often want very different things. For example, if you’re bringing children and your husband hates the idea of loud, crowded child-catered hotels (think Hawaii) there are easy solutions. For example, rent a private house near a hotel and see if you can pay to use the amenities. Or spend the entire vacation resting up at a secluded beach and the last night, or two, at a hotel so the kids can have the time of their lives.

family time

family time

Do plan activities that you and your husband can do with the kids, then spend some time alone. The trick to a happy and healthy vacation is being sure that all needs are met. And that, of course, includes vacation sex.

See how we come full circle on this :-)

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