No Booze on Turkish Airlines? And hey what’s up with those new uniforms?

turkish airlines

turkish airlines

Yes, it appears that Turkish Airlines will stop serving alcoholic drinks in all its domestic business-class flights, apart from six destinations. Alcohol was already unavailable on domestic economy-class flights.

Critics believe that this is further proof of an increasingly Islamic crackdown on this once very Western country.

The latest ban was justified by officials on non-religious grounds. They said it was due to that alcohol service in business-class flights was being eliminated because of “low demand and logistical reasons.”

Of 36 domestic flights, 16 offer business-class service. The destinations of 10 out of the 16 flights now without alcohol service are conservative Anatolian cities where alcohol has been practically banned for a long time.

Alongside the alcohol ban in domestic flights, it was also announced that the number of international flights that will not serve alcohol have increased from two to eight since the beginning of the year.  These countries are:


Saudi Arabia





Baghdad and Erbil in Iraq

Mogadishu in Somalia

Dakar in Senegal

Niamey in Niger

Turkish Airlines said they expanded the list due to requests by “concerned countries.’’

concerned citizens

concerned citizens

Alcohol is freely available in some of these countries, fully banned in some and partially banned in others.

In Turkey, there is no question of banning the sale of alcohol but since the AKP took over power in the central government and local administrations, it has been implementing a gradual  strategy against the sale and consumption of alcohol in public spaces.

beer no more

beer no more

Government officials admit that there is no alcoholism problem in Turkey. Nevertheless, it is impossible to justify the government’s persistence in trying to declare it an illegal commodity as an effort to protect public health. Protecting public health has nothing to do with stopping serving of alcoholic drinks in official state functions and at high-level diplomatic receptions.

It is all about the government and the state’s new Islamist/conservative masters imposing their politicized beliefs on others and thus building a new exclusionist and intolerant political culture.

headscarves are back in

headscarves are back in

The six THY flights on which alcohol is still served are to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman.

And check this out….

Turkish Airlines has a new uniform. And it’s upsetting people.

Their uniforms from the ’60s and ’70s  were downright scandalous:

hot, hot, hot

hot, hot, hot

Compared to what they’re making them wear now: Long dresses, skirts below the knee and Ottoman-style fez caps. Yikes!

their new look

their new look

Some feel that Turkish Airlines, nearly 50-percent-owned by the government, is simply trying to please the President, who, is a pretty strict Islamist.

And that really is the case. Just look at the following quote:

In a written statement, the chairman of Turkish Airlines’ board of directors did not deny that the airline was doing the government’s bidding. In fact, he adamantly confirmed it. “The Turkish Airlines vision matches with our government’s vision,” said the chairman, Hamdi Topcu. “There is no difference between them and us. It is the government that appointed us.”

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee or Tea?

It’s sad though. Imagine having to move around in those  outfits for ten hours.

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