Calling All Travel Disasters

Some Stories from Tough Travelers Just Like You:

You wrote in, you told your worst travel experiences which make for the best stories. It’s the name of the game, the price for adventure, and lucky for us, it doesn’t happen all that often.

Lost Luggage

Lost Luggage


We began our 18 day trip to Peru/Ecuador not so well.¬† On our connection from LaGuardia to Guayaquil, Ecuador our luggage was lost. LAN then¬† unexpectedly upgraded to us First Class, we later wondered if they knew they’d lost our luggage. After 2 days of being told many times by LAN that our luggage would arrive at any moment and we were leaving for a 5 day Galapagos cruise the next morning, we went shopping at the only place we could find. All the shops were closed except one, Tommy Hilfiger and we frantically shopped for 4 people. 15 items – $818 dollars.¬† Luckily when we returned to Guayaquil our luggage had finally arrived but everything was sopping wet! Turns our our luggage somehow was misdirected to Amsterdam!! So here’s our lesson: Only take carry on luggage, waterproof your luggage and always purchase travel insurance. Luckily we had travel insurance.

2.Never leave your old Mom unattended!

My elderly mother was traveling alone to visit her sick sister. She was traveling on American Airlines. We were not allowed to go to the gate with her , but the wheelchair attendant said all will be fine , we will take care of her. Mom didn’t have a phone, so we relied on them to get her on the plane. We paid for first class to insure a comfy flight. We stayed in the airport until the plane took off, and when it did , we left knowing that mom was on her way to California from New York.. But when we got¬† home two hours later we got a call from a stranger . The woman said she found an elderly woman crying at the gate . Apparently what happened was the attendant parked mom at her gate and left. Mom fell asleep waiting to depart, and didn’t hear the call for boarding. The plane took off without her.¬† We managed to get her on a later coach flight after 15 exhausting hours 21 hours to California.

3.Luggage Again!

I flew from Los Angeles to Chicago overnight and checked in at 12 noon for my flight from Chicago to Rome to London. The flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours. When I arrived in Rome there were two airline agents to take me to the gate for our London Flight, that was good. But¬† what was not good is that my two suitcases didn’t make it .I made a lost luggage report and was told that there would be a flight later in the day and my luggage would be on board. I left for Dover for one night and then was boarding my 14 day cruise of the Baltic’s. Still no luggage. I boarded the ship and made another report and later in the day after the ship sailed I was told that one suitcase was still in Rome and the other one arrived in London but missed the ship. I did not have any luggage from the 14th of June until it arrived in Estonia on the 24th of June. Needless to say I had to buy clothes on board the ship. When we returned to Dover we stayed overnight and then the next day I checked in and I flew from London to Rome to Chicago. Arrived in Chicago and still no luggage. I was forced to stay a night in Chicago and fly home the next day….I arrived on a Monday and my luggage did not arrive until Thursday evening. I did get a whole new wardrobe though for just under $1000.

3.What is that smell?!

Last summer, I went on vacation with my mother-in-law, wife, and 6-month-old daughter because found exceptionally cheap flights to Paris. Our flights were from CDG in Paris connecting through Chicago and arriving in San Francisco. The first leg was smooth and easy. But then somewhere over Colorado, the flight attendant nearest our row smelled something funny, “like burnt Fritos,” she said. We were sitting in the rear of the aircraft next to the galley. After a frantic search by several flight attendants and a co-pilot, the source of the smell could not be found.¬†¬† Shortly after the search the smell seemed to go away. Nonetheless, when a flight attendant stated, “I don’t feel safe in this plane,” the pilot made an immediate emergency landing in Grand Junction, Colorado. We dropped from 30,000 feet to ground in under 12 minutes. Our plane was met by several fire engines hosing us down and, then, boarded by a fully decked out fire fighting team to find the Fritos. No such luck. We all got off and spent the next 4 hours waiting in the terminal for a replacement plane flown in from nearby Denver. Grand Junction has severe winds and a shortened runaway. The plane could not be loaded with enough fuel to complete the trip to San Francisco. Instead, we had to make one more stop in Salt Lake City. We finally arrived in San Francisco about 6 hours late, tired, and ready to be home.

4.Security Theft!



Nothing is as bad as going through security to have them check your bags and then steal all your jewelry. I never left my carry on bag. It was always by my side. My Jewelry was in a small envelope¬† pouch with my very special Ruby & Diamond ring. This happened at the San Juan airport, so beware. I reported it and the answer I got back was they were having a problem with the security and police dept. TSA is supposed to be protecting us, not stealing from us. Of course this will not stop me from traveling, but I’ll never put my valuables anywhere bu on my finger again.

5.Where’s the Mechanic?

broken down plane

broken down plane

My husband and I were booked on an early flight to Hawaii on United Airlines at Christmas. We arrived at the airport in plenty of time, had our luggage checked in and loaded. We were going via San Francisco but were told there would be no problem getting the luggage on the right flight. About 10 minutes before boarding was to begin an announcement was made that the plane could not take off because the mechanic had not signed off on it. No other mechanic was available to do this but one was driving from Tucson to Phoenix and would be there in  2 hours. There was no way we could ever make the connection. Then they told us a direct flight to Hawaii was leaving in 30 minutes from a different terminal and if we ran we could make it. So we ran all the way from terminal 2 to terminal 4 since no trams were available. Our luggage was still on the other plane. It was a hot day and the run was all outside. We had to go through security again, get new tickets, and make a mad dash for the plane that was already loaded and ready to leave. We finally got on and there were only 2 middle seats available very far apart from each other. Our luggage never arrived in Hawaii. We were going on a cruise and my clothes did not catch up with me for 3 days. I was told I could buy clothes but at this late time of arrival, there was no place to buy and no time.

6. Never Ending Story



Ever get the feeling that you’re not supposed to go someplace?¬† That was my firm belief on a recent trip home from Colorado on US Airways. The prop plane that was supposed to take 31 passengers from Grand Junction to Phoenix lost an engine en route and was diverted to Durango.¬† Five hours later, after the frustrating exercise of dealing with airline staff who were totally unhelpful and making our own reservations on the next flights out, we were all put up in hotels for the night. On returning to the airport the next day, we learned that nearly all seats confirmed the previous evening were on overbooked flights and most people would not be flying for another day. I did get a seat on another prop plane to Phoenix and arrived there minutes before my connecting flight to San Francisco left. Once on that plane, we sat on the tarmac for an hour before we were told that, once again, due to a computer malfunction, we had to get off and wait for another flight. I finally arrived in Oakland only to find that my luggage had been lost. 24 hours after leaving Grand Junction, I was home with no luggage.

7. Ladies and Gentlemen, Stay Seated!

Mine involves a train. I found cheap tickets to Rome on vacation and planned to take a train from Rome to Lugano, Switzerland. I was sitting there in one compartment reading when this weird guy came up and started talking to me. I didn’t speak Italian and he wouldn’t leave me alone. So I got up and walked about as far away as I could and found a seat somewhere. A hour or so went by and I fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of the train splitting and then coming to a halt. I woke up, looked around, and saw that I was the only one left on the train. I got up looked outside, it was dark, and all I could see were pieces of trains. where the heck was I? I opened the door, jumped outside onto the tracks and soon found out that I was in Chiasso. Apparently the trains split at the Swiss border and I didn’t know. Had I stayed in my seat, all would have been fine. Now, I had to find another train, notify them that I got lost and my bags were on the other train. It turned into an all day event and took three days to find my bags. No travel insurance and of course my own fault meant that I had to pay for my mistake myself!

Daher empfiehlt es sich, √ľber wege der ‘entschleunigung’ nachzudenken und diese ghostwriting hausarbeit aktiv in den tagesablauf einzubinden

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