Stop Stalling—It’s Only Going to Get Worse


The horror!

The horror!

Have you NOT booked your holiday travel yet?

Well, you better get on it ASAP.

Let’s face it, most people work on strong denial about holiday travel. Some hope that if they wait long enough, their mother-in-law won’t find the tickets. Some hope that if they wait long enough the prices will drop and some just hope if they wait long enough it will just all go away.

It’s stressful, people are squeezed for cash and patience. So what’s the answer? Get it over with.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Prices are going up

Holiday airfares are going up. There’s more demand for airline tickets around the holidays, airline mergers, flight cutbacks and higher airline fuel prices. People are also being charged more to check luggage, for coach seats with extra leg room and aisle seats, making it harder to seat families together at the last minute.

Travelocity’s airfare “price to beat” (the travel company’s average round-trip domestic airfare) for this Thanksgiving is $386 — an increase of 9% over last year, according to the company’s analysis of its Thanksgiving data.

Don’t forget about the peak travel day surcharges of $20 to $40 each way during the holiday season. Avoid booking don’t travel on November 21 and 25, December 22, 23 and 26 and January 2, you’ll be paying extra high fares on those days. Check multiple departure and arrival airports and if you’re one of the lucky few actually going on a ski vacation, book packages for flight and hotel.

Still ways to save?

gambling with your airfare

gambling with your airfare

Flexible travelers may still find ways to save though, so check this out:

Trick #1. Most airlines will let you book or put a fare on hold and cancel by midnight the next day for free. Put it on hold or book it, and if it goes down the next day, then book the lowest fare. You can keep doing that until the fare goes down.

Trick #2. Certain airlines don’t charge for checked bags and some airline credit cards may offer free checked baggage for cardholders. Take this into consideration, it brings costs down, especially when you’re flying with multiple family members.

Trick #3. Upgrade. If coach is packed, which it probably is, try business. Usually there are more open seats during this time as there are fewer business travelers on the road. If you do a little searching you might see that your flight is double the amount of miles usually charged, but you may be able to get first or business class for that same amount of miles and be a whole lot happier, let me tell you!

Plan ahead



Just do it. Take the plunge. Put buying airline tickets on your calendar a few months before the holidays and get a decent fare next year.  If you book your reservations 9 to 12 months in advance, you’ll be amazed at the money you save and the headache you avoid.

Other ways to save this holiday season?

I want an upgrade!!!

I want an upgrade!!!

Ask. Though it may not be in our nature as Americans to haggle or barter for a deal, never feel too shy to request upgrades at airports and hotels. The worst answer you’ll get back is no. You’ll never know unless you ask.

Sometimes at the very last second the might have a business class available, and rather than leave it empty, they’ll sell it at an incredibly low price.

US Airways, for example, runs a last-minute program called GoUpgrades; beginning 24 hours before your flight, unsold first-class seats can be purchased for ¬between $50 and $500 depending on the length of the flight.

When it comes to hotels, the same policy applies: Ask. If you have kids, ask about a suite upgrade. And if you’re a member of a hotel chain’s loyalty program, ask about waived fees, free parking, kids’ meals, breakfast or Wi-Fi.

Has the price changed for my seat/room?

a little extra?

a little extra?

Hotel rooms and airline seats fluctuate in price, so once you’ve booked, it pays to check the price for a ticket or room every day until your vacation. If you see that the price has gone down, call the airline or hotel directly to see what they can do for you. In many cases, you may be able to cancel your reservation and rebook at a lower price.

Lesson of the day?

book your holiday flights today. We’ve got some great deals for you too, go to www.bt-store.com or talk to one of our representatives if you have questions about your holiday travel options.

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