Free Yourself Up- Book an Open Jaw Flight

Get Rid of Restrictions—Book An Open Jaw Flight



You can’t beat working with a real live HUMAN of a travel agent. But the truth is that more and more people are their own travel agents. They book their flights, manage their connections and figure out what to do on the road when all hell breaks loose and they have to figure out how to cancel their flights and reroute to get somewhere fast.



That’s when most people are waking their travel agents up asking what the hell to do? You know what the answer is—and this is one of the biggest tricks of the travel trade—the Open Jaw. Flight that is. Book an open jaw airfare and you will immediately feel freer than ever before.

Alright, so what’s an Open Jaw flight? The cheapest airfare for multiple destinations. This differs from a ‘Multiple Stop’ option which can mean savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but it could lead you to pay more than double if you don’t know how to best use this powerful search option. So be careful.

Take a look at a sample ‘Multiple Stop’ option:

Flight one: JFK to Paris, Flight two: Paris to Faro and Flight three; Faro to JFK.

The result: Around $1500 USD and up.
Ouch! Not the cheap airfare I was looking for. So what would a travel agent do? They’d book an ‘Open Jaw’ airfare instead.

What is an Open Jaw Airfare?

leave from one return from another

leave from one return from another

An open Jaw Airfare is an itinerary that originates in your hometown (JFK) goes to the final destination a passenger is traveling on its first leg (Paris), this first leg can be nonstop, or it can have as many same day connections needed to reach its final destination and the return flight has to be from a totally different city.

Now let’s book the same trip, but using an Open Jaw airfare.

Use the same ‘Multiple Stop option’ but this time I will only book 2 flights.

Flight one: JFK to Paris and Flight two: Faro to JFK.
The result: $600 USD, half the price.

And getting from Paris to Faro?

Simply request a one-way flight. $77 USD total from Paris to Faro nonstop.

freedom baby

freedom baby

Total Cost: Just under $700 USD, that is less than half of the $1500 airfare.

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