Booking and Holding onto those damn seats

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a rant.

lufthansa airlines

lufthansa airlines

For a German Airline, Lufthansa sure has a few glitches to address. Case in point. Seating assignments. If you’ve read the blog in the past or read any travel blogs out there I’m sure you’ve heard about the increasing trend of airlines NOT to GIVE a SHIT about confirmed seating assignments.

When we left LAX our seats were confirmed by our travel agent, and my husband is a what they call part of the Senator club which means we get to eat free in the business lounge. Anyway, as we were checking in, they showed us our seats and low and behold, they were not together. We spent an hour at the desk, showed them the confirmed seats from Lufthansa, emails I kept, and still nope, they didn’t have them. They said the stewardess could do something at the gate.

She did, but I must say I didn’t feel so good about the people we had to send all the way in the back. When I got to Italy I called Lufthansa and asked what happened. The seats were totally confirmed, I had an email, etc.

And this is what she told me:

The seats were all confirmed, BUT when I called a few days before we were to leave LAX and asked for two veggie meals for my daughter and I, the computer saw 6 together under my husband’s name. Apparently a senator is really only allowed to have 4 preferred seats so they kicked me and my daughter in the back.

SO I went out of my way to be certain this wouldn’t happen again. I called Lufthansa, I had a compleltey confirmed seating asignments for all of the family. We arrived at the airport and checked in at the business class desk and low and behold, Mr. Rocco my 4-year-old was sitting all by himself in the back of the plane. My two girls were separated and alone, my husband was alone too, stuck in the middle of an aisle and I was with one son. Crazy. My youngest ones cried, they were worried they’d sit far away, it was a disaster. You want to know why, how this could happen?

Well, yes we had confirmed seats, and yes, it was all good BUT then they went and changed the actual plane they’d be flying with and when they did that it threw their reservations systems into a total mess and lost all pre-assigned seats.

My husband fired off emails and texts to everyone he knew on both sides of the ocean but still nothing could be done except hope other passengers would be understanding enough to switch seats.

Again we were forced to ask people if they could switch around so that our 4 and 7 year-old could be with us and again people were so nice.

But in 2013 I can’t believe Lufthansa can’t get this right! I mean come on if you change planes you have to seat people with the same last name together, right?

Anyway that’s my bitch session for now.

Oh, and the food, the food was bad.

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