Discover London with your iPad-your perfect guide!

I lived in London for the past three years and although I know all the tube stops by heart, walk so fast that most of my friends from home have to run to keep up with me I was recently shocked how little I know about some of the major tourist attractions… Sure I can tell you where Big Ben is and which tube to take to get there but that is pretty much where it ends… So when my mum decided to come visit me in London, I knew I had to prepare. And since I did not have time to memorize the Encyclopedia Britannica by heart, I decided to cheat. Here is where you iPad can prove invaluable. All you need is a couple of apps and let the tour of mighty London begin.

When walking around with my mum the other day whenever she started with her Mastermind questions about the history of random buildings we passed I pulled my iPad out of the bag and used WikiPlaces. The app shows you your location on the map and a detailed map of your surrounding area. You can click on random buildings near you to find out more about them–and hey presto problem solved! Another app that I can highly recommend for discovering London like a local is very appropriately named SecretLondon (0.69£). If you turn on Location Awarness on your iPad the app will alert you whenever there are any cool spots you should check out. In addition, it’s a great source of restaurants, hip clubs and pubs. Oh and since I no longer live in London, do me a favor and have a cup of coffee for me in Monumouth Coffee at Borough Market, trust me you wont regret it! Just make sure to arrive there early to avoid hungry tourists! I feel jealous already…

If you are interested in other great suggestions on what your iPad can do for you, make sure to check out this blog on www.xvida.com. Cheers!

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