Flight to Madrid-not on Spanair

spanair done

spanair done

Q: I  just read Spanair went bust over the weekend and as luck would have it, I booked our flights to Madrid from Barcelona on that airline. What am I supposed to do  now?

A: Ladies and Gentlemen, buckle up, this is gonna get bumpy.

As Europe’s governments start to cut back on funding state-subsidized entities like airlines, many will go bust. It’s also part of the opening up of the free-market economy in Europe, competition usually means the survival of the fittest survives. And Spanair was not it.

But seriously…

What does it mean when you’ve got your cheap flights to Madrid all bought and paid for and you read in your Sunday paper over the weekend that the Spanish airline Spanair went bust early Saturday and many passengers were forced to book their flights to Madrid on other airlines?

It means welcome to reality. You’re going to see a lot more of this. As Europe’s governments which subsidize their airlines feel the crunch, they will no longer be able to continue pouring money into venture when they are no longer profitable.

And Spanair was not profitable. More Spaniards book their cheap flights to Madrid on Ryannair, not kidding.

Spain Spanair Shutdown

Spain Spanair Shutdown

So happens if you’ve got airfare to Madrid on Spanair and its been bought and paid for?

If you haven’t left yet, call your travel agent, go to www.bt-store.com and get the number of our travel specialists, they’ll rebook you in no time.

If you’ve left already,

A spokeswoman at Madrid’s Barajas Airport said DO NOT WORRY!!!!

Yes, there were a few stranded passengers there, but that they’ve been able to get passengers on to other flights. They will get you on another flight. There’s even a special area set up in both Madrid and Barcelona for Spanair passengers who need to make other arrangements.

Call your travel agent and rebook.

your travel specialists

your travel specialists

Keep in mind that this is not an isolated event, this is a sign of things to come.

Governments no longer want  to save ailing airlines as the debt crisis forces austerity programs in other parts of the economy. Here’s a list of airlines that might lose funding:

State investors in Stockholm-based SAS AB, Aer Lingus Group Plc of Ireland, Portugal’s TAP and the flag carriers of Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have all stated their plans to reduce direct support and are trying to lure new investors.

aerlingus next?

aerlingus next?

“Governments don’t have the financial wherewithal to support airlines in the same way as in the past,” said John Strickland, an aviation analyst at JLS Consulting in London. “Regulations requiring a level playing field have also made it tougher. It could put other carriers in a similar position.”

Q: But are there still some low-cost European Airlines I can book and don’t have to worry they’re going under?



A: Tons!!! From  Air Dolomite from Italy to Germany, or yes, Ryannair is one that will outlast us all. My advice to you is to book your tickets on an airline that has many routes and CHECK that it actually delivers you to the airport you require- don’t go to Stanstead when you want Heathrow. It’s just not worth it.

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