Tel Aviv-A Modern City On The Sea

Tel Aviv-A Modern City On The Sea

Tel Aviv On the Sea

If you are considering buying your cheap flight to Tel Aviv we compiled an interesting list of things to see and do in this Middle East’s most liberal and fun city. Here in this white city, things are quite a bit different from heady Jerusalem where religion and devotion dominate. Here it is openness and fun that dominates. There are more bars than synagogues and the overall vibe is far more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern. By far the most international city in Israel, Tel Aviv is all about beaches and nightlife, and because of the university there is a growing art scene as well as a proud gay community.  Here it doesn’t matter who or what you are, here everyone is accepted.  Most everyone speaks English, they love tourists here and it’s extremely casual.  Food is not only cheap it’s fresh. Hummus plates, olives, feta cheese and hummus, tomatoes that are fresh picked and taste like the sun, all of that awaits at sidewalk cafes with ocean views. And people-watching is great. Nightclubs and restaurants are open round the clock, literally this is the city that never sleeps. It is here where people let their hair down. T

he city can be divided into 2 main parts. The northern part of the city is more upscale and elegant while the southern part, called Downtown Tel Aviv, looks less western and more like an old fashioned middle eastern style neighborhood.

It is easy to get oriented in Tel Aviv since the sea is always on the west. Alongside the seashore is a beautiful promenade that takes you all the way from the port of Tel Aviv in the north to the Port of Old Jaffa in the south.

Fun Things to Do

Bike. yep, you heard me. Bike. here in Tel Aviv, you can bike the entire city from the old to the new.  Start off riding south along the beaches into the old port of Jaffa. Explore ancient alleys, churches and quaint restaurants and cafes.

Beautiful Beaches


Old Streets of Jaffa

Its twisted alleys, cobblestone streets and ocean front cafes make you feel like you’re in the south of Italy.  Once dilapidated, artists and trend-setters have taken over many of the warehouses and turned this city into an artist haven. Everywhere you walk there are artists’ quarters, studios and art galleries.


Head north to the “new city” of Tel Aviv,  enter the heart of the “white city” and see the architecture that made UNESCO name this a world heritage site. From here on, head to Dizengoff center, the commercial heart of the city. Here you will find the Tel Aviv  Museum of Art, great shopping, cafes, restaurants and of course, later you can park the bike, hire a cab and head out for some great after hours fun.


For the best humus in Tel Aviv , don’t miss out on Abu-Hassan in Jaffa. For a taste of the Balkans, there’s Monka and it is a universal truth that the best fish in town, besides what you buy directly off the boat, can be fund at The Old man of The Sea.



In  downtown Tel Aviv’s  there’s a whole new food rage.  Try Tzfon Abraxis for some cutting edge culinary art from one of the hottest new bad boy chefs in Tel Aviv, or for a relaxed evening of  Tapas,  head to trendy Ahad Ha’am,  There’s always the  classic Italian comfort food to had at Amici.

Trendy Restaurants

And for those of you who just want to sit and have a drink, a small meze plate of hummus, olives and feta, there are rows of cafes with ocean views to sit and spend the afternoon. A true vacation!

Cafe Life

Tipping: You don’t have to tip taxi drivers
Tips in cafés, restaurants, bars: the more the better but at least 12 %

Changing money is safe here and most places do not charge commission.

Internet Wi Fi

Most cafes have internet, so bring your computer.

Local Customs
It’s important to respect local customs. “Shabat”  means Saturday, which is the Sunday of Israel – This is the formal day of rest , shops are closed and there are no buses or trains from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening.

But in central Tel Aviv,  cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars are always open.  Groceries or cigarettes can be purchased in  AM/PM  supermarkets that are open 24 hours a day including Saturday and holidays.

Tel Aviv is truly a modern city with a Mediterranean  vacation feel as well as a bustling, thriving business center that has so far been left untouched by the recession!  Expand your horizons, book now with Best Travel Store, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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