My Scary Ski Vacation

Hi there,

I just finished reading your blog from the lady in St. Anton, Austria the one who is having such a fabulous time renting the fabulous chalet, having steam baths, massages and free wine at all times of the day and night. It gives me hope, it does. Hope and something to look forward to, because let me tell you I just got back from skiing with my husband and two children and it was like a mini dip into the gates of hell.

First off, I thought driving to someplace close was a good idea. Easier on the kids and myself, but in the end it was a mistake. Getting on a plane and flying makes you feel like you’re on vacation rather than just a drive away from, the office. The whole way up, my husband’s cell phone rang, beeped, buzzed, played music, driving us all a little crazy. Can’t you just disconnect? I wanted to say. Because after all, this was supposed to be a vacation, right?

After five long hours on the road and two stops we made it to Mammoth. It’s beautiful up there too, for those of you who haven’t seen it since you were a kid, you should really go. It’s gorgeous, clean and people are friendly. It feels like a real ski village there. The hotel we stayed in was the Village Lodge, there was snow everywhere, the lodge was covered in twinkling lights and the kids could not have been more excited.

But then morning came. And that’s where the fun ended. The morning routine is as follows:

No one can find their gloves. Ever.

Children screamed their heads off while trying on boots.

Children cried when trying on skis.

Children just cried for the sake of crying.

Children were exhausted by the time they are checked into the school. Little one fell asleep at the table while waiting for teacher. Older one felt like a loser for being in with the younger ones, so she refused to ski.

Meanwhile my husband was frantically texting me, telling me to stop wasting time and get my butt out there with him.

Is this just what it’s like when you’ve got small children? Does it end soon, I hope? When I read stories like the woman in Austria having the time of her life, I think it’s got to be a finite period of time and once the kids are older, skiing will be great. Is going to Europe that much better? It seems like there’s more to do there.

Does anyone out there have any advice on the subject? In the meantime I’ll keep reading and hoping!

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