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Marko Cadez - BTS CEO

Marko Cadez - BTS CEO

When we launched the BTS website in 2002 we had one single goal in mind: Make air travel affordable so that as many people as possible could see the world for less. Back in the days we were one of the very few travel websites that owned its own private airfare database and search engine, which allowed us to offer incredible value and savings to our customers. Today the airfare landscape has changed dramatically resulting in almost everyone offering similar fares at least 80 percent of the time. This is because airlines had shrunk dramatically their private fare offering, and because mainstream reservation systems (so-called GDS) improved their fare search and pricing technology that is used by all major online players. Despite these changes we still find cheaper international fares about 15 percent of the time when compared to the better known websites. And we are proud of this fact.

So how does one choose the right website for their purchase when fare differences between competitors are minimal to none, where you might save a maximum of $15 after investing hours into online shopping resulting in mediocre savings? I would like to propose that the best supplier is the one that offers a compelling price and the best service that comes with it. And yes, servicing valuable customers costs money, it is not free as many of us would like to believe. This is why we started this blog, to start a conversation – with you.

We want to learn about what is important to you, because we are nothing without our customers, people like yourself who come to our site and like our prices, but more importantly like the service we provide. In the past we passionately collected your feedback via our Los Angeles, CA based call center and emails, and we transformed your suggestions (and yes – complaints) into the state-of-the-art reservation system that you are able to use today.

Your input contributed to the Seat Map Preview feature that lets you see sophisticated aircraft configuration, including available seats, toilets, exits and more before you select a flight for purchase, ensuring that you get what you expect, without unpleasant surprises at boarding time.

Your input contributed to reservation management tools that make it easy to cancel and change your flight itinerary online without having to pick up the phone and spend long minutes with customer service representatives who labor to find you an alternative that might not be the best fit in the end.

Your input contributed to the Fast Checkout feature that stores your passenger and payment details for future use allowing you to complete your reservation in less than two minutes after signing in.

Your input contributed to the Secure Payment system that implements the best Visa and MasterCard technology (Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code) to protect your credit card purchases against misuse.

And finally, your input resulted in tools that allow you to make informed decisions about the overall value of your purchase. The low fare engine flight display sorts itineraries in an easy-to-understand manner, it informs you about maximum free luggage on each flight, and it displays detailed fare rules that ensure you get a maximum refund subject to airline policy.

Travel is much more than buying an airline ticket and we are much more than a seller of airline tickets. Travel is about going places to gain new experience and a new perspective on the world, to meet new people or enjoy the company of old friends and family, giving us the timeless gift of memories. But like with most other things travel is about location and timing. And this blog is about location and timing. Here we will write about our own team’s experience when we visited interesting and inspiring places, we will share the secrets of why celebrities travel to places you probably never even heard of and how you could have an unforgettable experience there for much less than the rich and famous, and what are the hot deals of the moment to hundreds of destinations worldwide. If you are the price hunter we will provide plenty of coupons too that you will be able to redeem to qualifying destinations or for multiple ticket purchases.

We hope that you will visit our blog often and not just read our interesting stories and take advantage of the current deals, but more importantly we hope to hear from you! We want to know what you think is the next cool thing we should develop to make your trip selection, purchase and actual travel easier, more comfortable or just plain more fun. So come on in, drop us a post and contribute to creating the website you always wanted to have, but nobody truly listened.

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