Marrakech The Beautiful


Why is it that Marrakech, the third largest city in Morocco, which is not a rich nation by any means, such a lap of luxury, a world of design perfection, a bastion of incredible taste, decadence and inspiration for the fashion world? Was it Yves Saint Laurent who made it so lovely to look at that the all the beautiful, the free-spirited people of the world just followed? During the 1950s and 1960s, morocco was a refuge for writers and musicians including the rolling stones, jack kerouac and william s. … More…


Virgin Premium—Is it really worth it?

Virgin America

Stop sending me emails, inundating my inbox with tears. I am back. Yes, I was away for a week, BUT I was careful to give you a whole bunch of cool places to keep in mind when you’re dying to jump ship—and I’m not talking the Costa Concordia here. Anyway, I was away sampling good old Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy on my way to New York City where the hubby and I got away for a few days without the children. I was excited to try Virgin Premium—my husband, who … More…


The Grounding of Boeing’s 787


Q: What’s going on with the grounding of the Boeing 787, the plane of the future? I’m hearing it all over the news.  Is it a big deal? A: It is if you’re Boeing. Yes, it’s true the Federal Aviation Administration has ordered the grounding of all Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets until they are sure the batteries on the planes are safe. But there was also a fuel leak on January 13th. On a Boeing 787′ from Japan Airlines . This was the second time such a leak had occurred … More…


The Less Discovered Road in India

hampi landscape

The other day I was talking to my cousin’s girlfriend who is graduating from college in a month. She told me she was going to India for a month. Alone. To travel up and down. Like a local. She’s beautiful and blonde and sweet and innocent. I could feel myself scream a little inside, because India has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. And yet, traveling in India has been a rite of passage for most English college graduates for decades. And it’s becoming more and more … More…


Packaged Tours—When to Capitulate

tour pckagage lines

Tour packages. When is it time to book a tour? I’ll admit that to me, tour package travel always seemed to: Defeat the whole idea of traveling Seem like more work than play Awful But the truth is that tours, especially when you’re taking your children with you to an exotic place like Africa where you really know nothing about the place, are essential. They’re essential to seeing the country, to staying safe and to ensuring that the children come away with an understanding and an appreciation of where they’ve … More…

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