Just in Time for Holiday Travel….Get Your Kids Off My Flight!

babies on planes

Yep, the New York Times says travelers back flights without children. Now, be honest what do you think? As parents, people who travel long-hauls with their kids, do you think it might be easier not having to worry about the people in front of you? Or to the side of you? Child-free flights have been the subject of lawsuits and Facebook groups, but have remained in the territory of wishful thinking. That hasn’t kept passengers from clamoring for them, nor consumer Web sites from veering into the polling industry to … More…


Zagreb’s Hot Spots


Yep, Zagreb is making headlines for all the right reasons. Why? Well, for starters now there’s direct flights to Croatia’s capital, Zagreb.  So people from all over the EU can now simply hop on a plane and come on over for a romantic weekend getaway, to a little skiing and in the spring and summer, it’s one of the best places to go to get away and not have to pay a fortune or deal with crowds. Do you like being the first to know? If you enjoy always getting … More…


Five-star villas for two-star prices….what a great way to spend the holidays.

Casa Miralles, Costa Brava

Did I hear Five-star villas for two-star prices? Seriously forget the snow! who the heck wants to struggle with chapped lips and runny noses when you can pack a bikini and a little Ban de Soliel, huh? And guess what?  Some of these villas you can just wear sweats and drink a butt load of wine, doesn’t that sound better than actually skiing? I think it does. So check this out. Villa rentals that are stunning, will offer you untold amounts of rest and relaxation and won’t break the bank. … More…


Shopping Spree in Jaipur, Anyone?


Do you have any idea how many fashion designers head to Jaipur for design and fashion inspiration? Thousands. Millions. And flights are so cheap and so easy to come by. Most cities like London and Paris seem like calm meadows compared to a place so rich, so thrilling. Jaipur will make you come alive again and for most designers this is why they come. To come alive. It’s as easy as walking into a market stall filled with jeans embroidered with crazy patterns, or at a chic boutique that sells … More…


Time to Book That Ski Vacation, People!!!!


According to the latest European ski experts, here are the top ten hottest ski destinations this summer.  And please, please don’t let being an American, or residing in America stop you from stretching your wings. Believe it or not sometimes it can actually COST LESS to fly to Europe than it does just shooting over to Colorado or Utah. And its so worth it. When it comes to skiing, the Europeans just do it so much better. Trust me on this one. 1. LES GETS, FRANCE There’s more to a … More…

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