The hidden pitfalls of booking a home for a short term rental. When is it legal and when is it not?

Maui villa for rent

The new dilemma for travelers—though I must admit not such a dilemma for me—is hotel or house. Because of the booking cost of hotels and the tiny rooms, poor service, and generally bad experience over all, many people are beginning to grapple with looking into a new way of traveling.  But for me, when given the choice between a hotel for my family on vacation or a home, I jump at the chance to rent a house. Whether in the US or in Europe, it just makes so much more … More…


Attention Skiers: We’ve Got The Best Apps for Snow Lovers

want to get in on a little of this?

There are people who track waves and people who track powder. Things just got a whole lot easier if you’re in the mood for a little powder.  Skiing season is coming upon us, so what better thing to do in your free time but load up your iPhone or iPad with all these awesome apps. BEST FOR: POWDER HOUNDS Ski and Snow Report (free) There are countless snowfall apps but this is the most intuitive and accurate. Staffers analyze and post data all day long, so the figures are often … More…


Slip inside a steamy bath inside a volcano on your next vacation

Dive this

We’re known for our great deals, especially our cheap tickets to places like Manila and the Philippines. It’s a country that doesn’t get its due when it comes to nature tourism even though it is consistently written up as one of the best dive spots on this great planet of ours. Divers, of course, are grateful. But we are agents of travel and it is our job to spread the word when something is meant to be seen. Anyway, when I was writing about the volcano erupting in New Zealand, … More…


Bear Grylls Survival Academy: Roasted rat anyone?


Here’s a great Christmas present for your hubby to get him out of the house and take him mind off the boring stuff. A new Bear Grylls-backed academy will equip you with vital survival skills and de-stress you. The Bear Grylls Survival Academy, founded by the mountaineer, adventurer and former SAS soldier who is perhaps best known for eating live frogs, raw goat’s testicles and reindeer droppings, washed down with water squeezed from fresh elephant dung, for our viewing pleasure. Here you won’t get that lucky, here you get rat. … More…


Join the World in New Zealand Mania

hobbit craze

Yes, everyone is feeling the hobbit craze over here in LA. Gigantic posters of the small people and big-bearded wizards surrounded by the beauty of a magical place, line Sunset Blvd, announcing the arrival of the Hobbits on December 14. But we know that the faraway land isn’t a fictional a CGI land, it’s actually Peter Jackson’s New Zealand, a land so lush, so diverse, it can feel like you’re visiting a studio rather than a place. Take the massive spewing volcano Tongariro, for example. It stands alongside the peak … More…

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