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rodin's house

Do you ever wonder what Hemingway was really like? Or Rodin? Or Picasso? How their days began and ended, which window they might have looked out of while paining and sculpting. I know I have. And now my children do too. What makes the artist tick? The writer write? Picasso worked all night, Hemingway, under the thick muggy Cuban sky with a full tumbler of Scotch and a dozen cats. If you had tried to visit Winslow Homer when he was alive, you would have been greeted by a warning … More…


“United Sucks” Has Its Very Own Facebook Page

United Sucks

Did you know “United Sucks” has its very own Facebook page? Yep, United is really sucking hard these days. Last night a friend of mine just returned from a trip to Hong Kong and said she was stuck in Hong Kong Airport from 8:45 am until 11:30 pm before she was able to board a flight to LA. The reason? United just up and canceled her connecting flight. Even the pilots told her to complain. Can you imagine being stuck in an airport, unable to get out because your bags … More…


Kerala’s Plantation Past Feels Just like the Present

hill station

Kerala hills Family-run rubber plantations in Kerala are throwing open their doors revealing a way of life some might say is heaven on earth. And what an experience it is. The next time you have to fly to Mumbai for business, hop on a flight down south to kerala for a weekend getaway like no other. The Koottickal valley is at the heart of Kerala’s rubber belt. In the foothills of the Western Ghats (the gigantic mountainous ridge that runs down the spine of south India), the belt is a wide … More…


Bond, James Bond—Your Travel Guide

skyfall-daniel craig

James Bond inspires travel. I’m serious. I’d go anywhere he goes that’s for sure. The locations, the sex, the women, the mystery all make us watch the film and think, “Man I want to go there!” And it’s not just me. Film after film, no one has given us more inspiration to travel the world than James Bond. On November 9 the U.S. premiere of “Skyfall,” the 23rd. Bond film hits and of course Daniel Craig is a major stud, the gadgets are cool and sleek and the locations are … More…


Oppan Gangnam Style

you got the fever?

Do all of you out there have Gangnam fever? Here even five year-olds are rockin’ out to Psy’s song, which is in Korean. So what the hell does it mean? Oppan Gangnam style? And why does this guy Psy have a billion hits on YouTube? Gangnam is a place, but it’s also a culture, it’s what’s happening in Seoul. Gangnam is a wealthy neighborhood in the South Korean city of Seoul where young people go out to be seen. In the song, Psy pokes fun at ostentatious culture of people … More…

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