Cheap Ticket to San Paulo


SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil, is a city of 11 million is a grimy, dangerous megalopolis but it’s also a culturally sophisticated, energetic, spectacularly social city with endless surprises and deep potential bubbling just below the scruffy surface. People are moving here from all over the world, the wealth, the art, the business opportunities are amazing. But it’s still below the surface. So if you had to fly to San Paulo and spend the weekend there and you really wanted to see the real city, not just the over-the-top glitz and glam … More…


How Sandy’s Going to Affect You

Hurricane Sandy

If you’re thinking about flying to the east coast of the US this week, don’t. Seriously, just don’t. After Katrina, local official take storm warnings very seriously and this one is supposed to be big. Category 1.  And they’re not taking any chances. So far, transportation has ground to a halt along the Northeast coast on Monday, stranding local rail commuters, cruise passengers and air travelers from as far away as Europe and Asia.  Air, ship, rail and even highway service has been disrupted. Airlines canceled more than 11,500 flights … More…


Stop Stalling—It’s Only Going to Get Worse

The horror!

UH-OH!!!!! Have you NOT booked your holiday travel yet? Well, you better get on it ASAP. Let’s face it, most people work on strong denial about holiday travel. Some hope that if they wait long enough, their mother-in-law won’t find the tickets. Some hope that if they wait long enough the prices will drop and some just hope if they wait long enough it will just all go away. It’s stressful, people are squeezed for cash and patience. So what’s the answer? Get it over with. Prices are going up … More…


Eat Like a Pig


So many of you ask, what’s the best thing to do in autumn. And I have one answer: Eat. And the best place to eat in autumn? Piedmont, where my in-laws live. Believe it or not, here summer is not the high-season, it’s now, when the truffles come out, the wine is ready and the cheese is ripe. In this city in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy, they take gastronomy very seriously. Michelin-starred restaurants lurk around every street corner. The Slow Food movement, which champions the use of local … More…


10 Reasons to go to Palestine

Great Mosque of Gaza

For most people when you hear the words Palestine or West Bank you don’t immediately think damn, what a great holiday destination!! But this tiny area is packed with more historical, religious and cultural heritage than perhaps anywhere else in the world, and its small size means it’s completely feasible to visit a good proportion of its sights in a fairly short trip. Several new community tourism and hiking or biking holiday operators also make experiencing Palestine’s stunning scenery and great food increasingly easy to get to. And don’t worry, … More…

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