Travel Alert: Cyber Thieves

watch out!

A recent warning from the FBI about hackers targeting guests’ data when they log into hotel Wi-Fi overseas was a big-time eye opener  to travelers on the risks of data security on the road. The alert came from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, was addressed to U.S. executives as well as government workers. It warned of a growing number of incidents of travelers encountering fake software update pop-ups when they used hotel internet connections overseas. When they clicked on the “update,” malicious software was installed on their computer. What … More…


Walk Delhi, Walk Mumbai

kids walking

So many people are scared of walking the streets in India and with good reason. A foreigner, alone, stands out and becomes an easy target for beggars, and followers, bands of hungry kids, you name it they will follow. Especially if you’re American. Trust me, they know if you’re American. But don’t let that put you off on your next flight to Delhi. There are fantastic walking tours of the city that will take you to all the places you need to see and give you a feeling of security … More…


When Travel Becomes Obligation

Extreme weddings

Are family obligations eating up your miles, your money, your vacation time? In our twenties it’s the weddings, in your thirties its the kids seeing the grandparents, in your forties it’s still the kids seeing the grandparents and in your fifties it’s you seeing your parents and spending quality time with them. More and more I hear other moms talking about when they’ll ever get a vacation just for themselves, I hear dads asking the same thing. Because really we aren’t allowed vacations just for us anymore. Vacations, traveling, miles … More…


Time for a seriously cheap flight to Seoul?


A Weekend in Seoul People, we have some seriously cheap tickets to Seoul, which you should take advantage of before the fall sets in the the weather cools down. This city, with it’s wildly divergent old and new atmospheres, its street culture, its coffee shop and bookstore stroll mindset is something to experience. It’s the silent revolution, the slow but steady modernization and creation of a new Asian market with huge spending power, lots of fashionistas and great designers. This Tokyo a few decades ago. The people are extremely helpful … More…


Last but not least: Shanghai

edgy chic

SHANGHAI Shanghai is unique. It has set out to complete a century’s worth of building in a decade. And they’ve still managed to keep the charm in places like the outdoor market near the corner of Xiangyang Road and Changle Road near the former French Concession. The sidewalks are narrow and grease-stained. Restaurants are tiny, service is abrupt. And people line up at dawn to eat pork-filled dumplings and egg pancakes. Sounds super gross, I know, but you don’t have to eat them, you can eat french croissants and cafe … More…

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