Should you let your child travel alone?

poor job

Not to fan the flames at all, but as the school your begins and children are flying back and forth getting home from their summers away, parents might just have to rethink the whole “oh, my child will be totally looked after- after all I paid the $50 bucks, right?” Wrong. First off, all you really need to do is travel to see that flight people really don’t want another responsibility. As I mentioned in my vacation posts, we were totally bumped both ways and honestly they didn’t think twice … More…


Travel Update: Kenya

kenyan beaches

If you’re planning a flight to Nairobi, take the time to understand the geo-political layout of the country. Certain areas are very explosive right now and the last thing you want to do is to get caught in the middle of it. The reason why I’m writing about this instead of some other incredibly stimulating topic is because of what happened yesterday: As many as 52 people, most of them women and children, were killed in a coastal area of Kenya in attacks involving two rival communities. And because so … More…


Cheap Flight to Helsinki-Let’s all Move There

getting a little nauseating

The first week back at school here in LA and all I hear about is Finland. How great it is, how its school system is a model for the world, the place is stunning, kids are beautiful, there is free health care, of course, and even free education all the way to the doctoral level, blah, blah, blah…. I thought I was going to be sick. I mean what country isn’t loaded with problems right now? Health care and education? Free and great. Not possible. So I decided to talk … More…


Going to extreme measures to fight Jetlag


Jet-Lag, it goes both ways. When you fly to Europe, you’ll find it hard to go to sleep until late and you wake up at three every morning. Most people find the jet-lag going that way far worse. Children are up, grown-ups are cranky. In the old days, when I used to fly six to eight times a year to Europe, I always felt that coming back to the states was easy. All you do is hold out as along as you can, crash around 9 to 9:30 and then … More…


Booking and Holding onto those damn seats

lufthansa airlines

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a rant. For a German Airline, Lufthansa sure has a few glitches to address. Case in point. Seating assignments. If you’ve read the blog in the past or read any travel blogs out there I’m sure you’ve heard about the increasing trend of airlines NOT to GIVE a SHIT about confirmed seating assignments. When we left LAX our seats were confirmed by our travel agent, and my husband is a what they call part of the Senator club which means we get to eat free … More…

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