Free Yourself Up- Book an Open Jaw Flight


Get Rid of Restrictions—Book An Open Jaw Flight You can’t beat working with a real live HUMAN of a travel agent. But the truth is that more and more people are their own travel agents. They book their flights, manage their connections and figure out what to do on the road when all hell breaks loose and they have to figure out how to cancel their flights and reroute to get somewhere fast. That’s when most people are waking their travel agents up asking what the hell to do? You … More…


Swollen feet? Here’s what you do.

Houston, we got a problem

Alright, I have bad legs. Not like ugly, shapeless, flabby things, but like blow-up at ten-thousand feet things. And, of course, they’re getting worse with age. It used to be that I could fly back and forth to Indonesia in a week, smoke a pack, drink a case and barely have to take off my heels, but now, Oh, dear, now, I don’t know what to put on. It happens somewhere over the mid-west, possibly New York, no, before New York, when my ankle disappears, small dark blue veins come … More…


Cheap Tickets to Mumbai


So many people here in LA fly to Mumbai regularly. For business— it’s a major film and technology center— for vacation, spiritual work and adoption. A friend of mine recently came back and shared with me a story of an orphanage that has made such a difference in the lives of its girls so I thought I’d share it with you. The  Shraddhanand Mahilashram is truly a progressive orphanage for girls based in the city that’s home to an estimated two million of the subcontinent’s 35 million orphans. As most … More…


Cheap Flights to St. Petersburg- Get them while they’re hot!!!

petersburg summers

Why  is this a great time to buy a flight to St. Petersburg? A: The weather has cooled. B: Museums have calmed. C: An island never before seen CAN NOW be seen! New Holland, a 19-acre triangular island created by Peter the Great and used by the navy has been opened for the first time in history. For centuries all that most people saw of it was the red brick archway rising over a narrow channel of water leading there, and glimpses of its red brick warehouses. New Holland is … More…


Cheap Tickets to Belize-see the world, the real world

Great Blue Hole

Today more and more people are hopping on flights to Belize for what I like to call vacation adventure. Eco-tourism sounds so politically correct and boring, and Belize is anything but boring. Belize is all about the preservation of beauty. And it’s cheap. Take the Cockscomb Basin Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve. A 150-square-mile tropical reserve that is a no-hunting haven for many species of this hemisphere’s wild cats — the puma, ocelot, jaguarundi, margay and jaguar.  It’s an Eden of natural wonders. Full of howler monkeys, parrots and toucans. The … More…

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