Cheap Tickets to Beirut-Where fashion meets literature

Beirut on the water

In July, Beirut will stage a Hay Festival. Remember the Hay Festival? We wrote about it a while back and now, well, it’s hitting Beirut. Most people think of Beirut as a dangerous, foreign spot, but I have tons of Lebanese friends who go there all the time. In fact one of my American friends is married to a man from Beirut and they sent their daughter there for her junior year abroad.  She’d just booked her tickets to Beirut for her summer break. While there she went to the … More…


Cancellation Fees…Jeez!


Alright, now this is unnerving. My husband booked our flights on Lufthansa, all six of us, for our Griswold Euro-trip this summer and then realized he’d forgotten something more serious than birth control. He booked the wrong frickin plane!!!!  In other words he did the exact same thing he did last year. He booked the Lufthansa flight from LAX going into Frankfurt instead of the LAX going into Munich. And you know what the difference is, something I learned last summer? Something all parents should know about before booking? NO … More…


Cheap Tickets to Mexico, Baby.

oaxaca mexico

Can I just tell you something? Mexico makes me  aroused.  Seriously, it arouses. More than any European city or ultra-trendy resort town with convertible Bentleys and Brigitte Bardot lookalikes, Mexico makes me dream. Now as most of your travel-savvy people know, in the summertime most people don’t go to Mexico. They don’t go to Hawaii either. It’s too hot. They go to Europe. But when I came across this little piece of unknown paradise, uncorrupted by the Heidi Klum’s and the Las Palmas  $10 margaritas, I felt the stirring. I … More…


Cheap Tickets to Bangkok- For all you expats out there!

thai traffic

Over the weekend I was talking to some Americans who were living in Bangkok out of choice- in other words they could live anywhere they wanted to live and they chose Bangkok. They weren’t working, they weren’t from there, and of course, it intrigued me. Why Bangkok, I asked. They said the cost of living was so low that they could live like kings there on what they had. The schools were wonderful, the people were wonderful and, of course, the travel. Everything was just an hour away. One recent … More…


Cheap Tickets To London-Join the Fun

Soldiers rehearse for Queens Jubilee

Hello out there!!! If you want to go some place seriously fun where everyone is partying like its 1989—–grab some cheap tickets to London ASAP!!! Wow, talk about rebirth. Not only are the Olympics coming, this weekend the entire nation, and most probably the world, will be celebrating the Queen’s 60 years on the throne. Did you know she was informed of her father’s passing while on Royal Business in Kenya at the age of 27? She has an 84% approval rating in the UK compared with Charles’s 48% and … More…

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