Cheap Tickets to Stockholm for a family adventure at a Swedish lake cabin

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In summer, half of Sweden decamps to the log cabins that fringe the country’s 100,000 deserted lakes. And I want to book some cheap tickets to Stockholm go with them. Ever since I started becoming a fan of Bergman and his Scenes from a Marriage mini-series, I have longed to spend a summer on the lakes of Sweden. The Godlike men don’t hurt either. Alright, so let’s book some cheap flights to stockholm and visualize…. Although myriad summer cabins dot Sweden’s 100,000 inland lakes and 7,000km of coastline, you might … More…


Cheap Tickets to Bangkok For a Total Wellness Package

street prostitution

For some of you wellness might mean a couple of cheap flights to Bangkok and a lot of cheap sex and booze in the wet and humid Patpong, but trust me when I tell you that it’s not gonna last. Remember the blog I wrote about last week, all expats say it doesn’t last. In the end it only makes you feel sadder and lonelier. So what’s one to do when he/she feels like they’re in a rut, at the end of the line, burnt out at work and at … More…


Cheap tickets to Paris- June opens the Summer in the City of Lights!!!

paris in the summer

The Scene on the Seine Ah, Paris in June…. What a huge difference it is between living there (i.e. being stuck) there and hopping on a romantic flight to Paris for the weekend or even booking family tickets to Paris for a week long family vacation, complete with super cool family apartment rental. Here’s what’s happening this June in Paris. June in Paris begins the popular and busy summer season in the City of Lights, when the weather is wonderful (though it may still rain) and there’s a festival going … More…


Cheap Flights to Santiago- it’s happening!

W hotel

Chile is becoming very hot, or cool or however you want to say it these days. Patagonia is a wine lover’s dream, we’ve done blogs on that, and also the hip little beaches that go along with this very laid back place that attracts hippies and millionaires alike. And now the city of Santiago is showing just how hip the rest of the word thinks it is. Yep, book a cheap flight to Santiago and join the trendsetters in the big name hotels like W and new Patagonian powerhouses like … More…


Cheap Tickets to Auckland-Play golf on the world’s most stunning courses

Howick Golf Course & Musick Point, Auckland

If you’re not into heat, crowds and sand in your pants, I’ve got just the place for you. It’s off-season too which means seriously cheap flights, hotels and foods. People are nice, the weather is wonderful and best of all there are golf courses that will blow your mind. Yep, I’m talking about New Zealand. About 650 years ago, the first Maori ventured from Polynesia to claim the two islands that now comprise New Zealand.  And we white men have made gold courses out of them. They are amongst the … More…

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