Cheap Tickets to Marseille-The cool new place to hang this summer


Nice is so yesterday, Cannes so last month. But Marseille, Marseille is seriously the place to be.  Trendy, still cheap and believe it or not pretty damn well integrated, fly to Marseille this summer and check it out. Most foreigners who come to the south of France think of Marseille as an exit or entry point. It’s convenient, only an hour’s drive from Avignon and the hill towns of the Vaucluse made famous by Mayle’s books. But Marseille is all about the water, land has very little to do with … More…


Cheap tickets to St. Petersburg-see those damn eggs!

Faberge Imperial Easter Egg 1911

As I turned on my computer this morning, I saw eggs. And not just any eggs but the eggs of the remarkable Carl Faberge. Today is the birthday of Peter Carl FabergĂ© the creator of those bejeweled eggs that are so untouchable, so magical that most people have never seen them before.  But guess what? You can see them. This is absolutely the perfect time to book cheap tickets to St. Petersburg. The white nights, the art, the romance of this city is at its peak in June. And you … More…


Cheap Tickets to Belize-Experience the Carribean for less

glovers reef atoll

Okay, okay, okay…ever heard of Glover’s Reef? Named after a pirate. Water as clear as an aquamarine. Eco-conscious. Cheap. Not full of drunk women with fake boobs and guys with wallets full of ones. Hello!!! It’s time to book your family cheap tickets to Belize City for the most lovely, relaxing vacation of a lifetime. Glover’s Reef, about 28 miles from the coast of Belize, is one of the only true atolls in the Atlantic Ocean. Easy as heck to get there too, especially when we have cheap tickets to … More…


Cheap Tickets To Athens-It’s a great time to go

Athens Acropolis

People keep asking me, should we not even think about going to Greece this summer? And my answer is hell to the no!!! Greece is the perfect place to go this summer. It used to be that Greece was barely affordable. However, as Greece lurches from economic crisis to catastrophe and the world braces itself for its potential exit from the euro, there’s a growing feeling that the days when tourists could live like a king on a fistful of drachma could be about to return. Seriously if you book … More…


Cheap Tickets to New Delhi-For a trip of a lifetime

dalai lama

Recently I came across this travelogue about a journey so unique, so life-changing I had to share it with you. Why? Because I can’t imagine anything more amazing than booking a flight to New Delhi to get to the Dalai Lama’s house. It’s a hike to Upper Dharamsala, the small town in northern India where the Dalai Lama lives in exile. To get to the Kashmir Cottage, a tranquil inn owned by the Dalai Lama’s brother you have to climb through pine trees up a nearly vertical path with crooked … More…

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