Cheap Flights to Istanbul-See Bodrum

bodrum promenade

Now here’s something you don’t hear about often- camel wrestling. Sound like fun? Not so much? Oh, come on! Hop on a flight to Istanbul, get out on the Aegean coast of Turkey, visit the ruins of Ephesus and Troy. And then see the camel wrestling. It’s just so much more fun. Especially now that people are booking flights to Istanbul like there’s no tomorrow. My husband is already talking about early retirement there. Opening a bed and breakfast there. It’s the new Med. The economy is on fire, the … More…


Cheap flights to Ukraine-See the European Championship Live!


Alright, some news first. We have cheap, cheap, cheap flights to the Ukraine for under $700, which is seriously cheap. So if you need to go to Kiev, we’re your destination. Now, for #2. For all you football fans, and you probably already know this, the Ukraine is hosting the European Championship in June with Poland. So tickets to Kiev are already flying out the window. If you’re a soccer fan, book your flights to Kiev now. And then, here the third piece of news. After you book your flight … More…


Cheap Flights to Chennai-Yep, It’s Madras

chennai coast

What is it with the Indians and their continuous changing of city names? It’s like saying New York should from henceforth be called Mayertown or something. First it was Bombay to Mumbai and I have to tell you I far prefer the old name to the new one and then there’s the old city of Madras, I city I visited just out of college, which is now called Chennai. Perhaps the name change comes to signify a rebirth because under its old name old name of Madras, Chennai was known … More…


Flights to Florence-For A Little Family Bonding

la bella vita

You feel the need for a little mother/daughter bonding, or a little father/daughter/son bonding, or hell, the whole family bonding together? I know the perfect way to do it-— Hop on a flight to Florence and rent a place in Italy and take real cooking lessons from real old Italian ladies who are experts. I should know, my mother-in-law and hers before her are absolutely unstoppable, still pulling herbs from their Ligurian gardens for their homemade ravioli. I know it sounds lavish and undoable, but really it’s not. Just book … More…


Cheap Flight to Budapest-Hay Festival is Coming


Yo, yo, yo…What is the Hay Festival? The Hay is, in Bill Clinton’s phrase, ‘The Woodstock of the mind’. So it is little surprise that, as part of the expansion of the Hay Festival to cultural hotspots across the globe, the organizers have chosen the Hungarian capital as the venue for their first venture into what was once the closed world of the communist East.  Book a cheap flight to Budapest and meet some of the world’s most celebrated authors in a celebrated city. For 25 years Hay Festival has … More…

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