Cheap Flight to Jakarta-Feel Nirvana

A heavenly gate

A lot of people will tell you there aren’t many reasons to fly to Jakarta other than family or work. But I have one, one very large one. Borobudur. One of the most significant and holy places you’ll ever see. It’s the only reason worthy enough to wake a vacationer up at 3 a.m. To see the sun rising over the Kedu Plain in central Java with 504 figures of Buddha, is a sight that will stay with you forever and more than worth the cheap flight to Jakarta. I … More…


Cheap Flights to Nairobi-Raise Awareness


Attention all you Safari lovers: Poaching is on the rise. Prince William gave a speech a week ago about poaching. He said that in the years before the Tusk Trust was established in 1990, poaching was so widespread that elephant populations in many parts of Africa were threatened with extinction. The ivory trade was banned in 1989 yet in the last year poaching levels have returned to those of the 1980s. And nowhere is this more apparent than in black-market prices for rhino horn. It’s more valuable than gold. Entire … More…


Cheap flights to Dubrovnik-here’s your blackbook for Hvar

passengers disembark

When you book a cruise you do your research right? You make certain the ship is the right size, the bed is the right bed and of course the restaurants onboard will serve the food you want to eat. But do you ever research the port towns you will be visiting? Do you just go where they tell you to go? Most do and they come back frustrated. The restaurants were not good, they were a rip off, stuffed with tourists instead of real life living locals- we kind of … More…


Before You Book Look: Who’s Got Wi-Fi?

wi-fi, baby

The days of picking our aircraft based upon the number of past crashes is so passĂ©. Now we pick our planes based on whether or not our technical devices work. No Wi-Fi for 15 hours? What is this the stone-age? Our computers are now an extension of ourselves- it is where we read, write, listen to music, compose, date, see our kids, our parents, masturbate, and take heavenly photographs. Currently, about 1,700 planes in the U.S. have Internet access, including the entire fleets of Virgin America and AirTran, Delta Air … More…


Cheap flights to Dubai- Get them while they’re hot!


Two things to tell you about Dubai right now: Both are spectacular, of course, and a reason to get your butt on a flight to Dubai right now. In Dubai it’s all about water. Because remember in the scorching deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, possessing water separates life from death. And the Atlantis, Dubai’s latest and possibly greatest luxury hotel to date, water is used so much, you feel like you’re living in it. It’s a plaything. It flows in ridiculous, endless quantities, simply for the pleasure of it. The … More…

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