Cheap Flights to London-don’t get stuck on the tourist track

family travel london

  One of the worst things about taking the kids on a trip to London is the need for constant pit stops. It just never seems to end. The second you walk out of your hotel, it’s “I’m hungry!” “I’m thirsty!” And they never eat or drink a thing when it’s time to sit and eat. This all ends up to huge bills and major headaches- it’s just not the same there. Everything costs so much more and you get so much less. And if you’re not Beckham who the … More…


cheap flights to hong kong-let the auctions begin!


Buying Art in Hong Kong Book that cheap flight to Hong Kong now because this is the time to buy art. The stakes are high, the high-rollers all come in for the massive art auctions taking place this Spring.  The electricity is on too, from the moment you walk into the annual spring sale, there is a palpable tension,  even for Hong Kong. Money, beauty and power mingle; paddles flash as Song dynasty bowls and Ming vases go under the gavel for millions of dollars. In May, all eyes at … More…


Pet Travel-Shipping Your Pet

Your pet can fly on its own

Pet Travel Q: I have relocated to Los Angeles from Turin, Italy and want to have my dog come out to join me. Can I just fly him out or do I have to accompany him? A: No, way, Jose!  You DO NOT have to fly all the way back to Italy just to fly all the way back to get your dog. And if your pet is over 11 inches tall or 15 pounds in weight, you can’t bring him or her in the cabin anyway. The only option … More…


Travel Health-Filling Prescriptions Abroad


Travel Health Q: What do you do if you find yourself running out of your prescription while abroad? A: I actually came across this very situation. I was in San Juan, P.R., and saw that I was running out of my prescription antibiotic, and had forgotten to refill at home. But lucky for me there was a CVS right down the block from my hotel in San Juan and CVS was my pharmacy back home. I would just have my doctor call or fax my prescription. Sounds simple, right? Sadly, … More…


Cheap flight to Mumbai-Top Ten Street Foods!

magic of India

10 of the best street foods in Mumbai India has the best food, I swear I gained ten pounds the last time I took a flight to Mumbai. But I never tried the street food because I was worried I’d get sick. Street food is becoming a culture of its own now. And it’s taken off big time.  But how do you know where to eat? What’s safe and what’s not? Well, before you hop on that cheap flight to Mumbai, print this list! Patties, puris, kebabs and lassis … … More…

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