Cheap Flights To Venice-No Joke!

springtime in venice

The problem with Venice has always been the crowds.  The Venetians would agree, few that there are nowadays. The solution has been to book your flights to Venice in the winter-I went once on Halloween and was blown away by the atmosphere of the city with rolling fog, crisp mornings and few people. Problem is it’s often too cold to really enjoy. When its warm and beautiful, the city of course turns into Disneyland, with more crowds than canals, more ships, water taxis and hiked prices- who needs it? You … More…


Cheap flight to Prague-Check out the Latest in Art & Beauty

stunning prague

Q: What’s happening in Prague these days? We’re in Poland and we’re thinking of hopping a quick flight to Prague if there’s anything especially fun going on. A: There’s always something super artsy going on in Prague but this February and March there’s some truly great art shows. Starting with the Rembrandt & Co in Prague. The Netherlands in the 17th century was the place to be. Roughly 650 to 700 artists produced about 70,000 paintings annually in this so-called Golden Age of Dutch painting, according to Anja K. Sevcik, … More…


cheap flight to hong kong-be the first to try out Cathay Pacific’s new Premium Class

cathay pacific airlines

Cathay Pacific premium economy class let’s you stretch out Yes, people for all of you with flights to hong kong on the horizon, things just got a heck of a lot more interesting. Put it this way, cheap flights to hong kong might just feel like you’re flying first. Let me give you a little taste… priority boarding and more legroom, Cathay’s new premium economy class is  re-igniting passenger enthusiasm for long-haul travel, and Cathay Pacific just picked up its new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft yesterday. Fitted with the airlines’ new … More…


The best way to travel with kids

tuscany anyone?

People in the know rent apartments. People with kids SHOULD get in the know!!!! All over the world there are great apartments, chalets, villas, summer houses with pools, river boats to be had at usually great prices. If you’re alone, it gives you the feel of living in a city, being a part of the neighborhood, hitting the local cafes in the morning and bars in the evening. If you’re with a family, it’s crucial. I have four children and believe me, it’s often impossible to get connecting rooms, and … More…


Cheap flights to Nairobi- We’ve got them.

kenya safari

Book a flight to nairobi before it’s too late. With the recent news that rebels from the Sudan crossed into Cameroon and killed 300 elephants and that Sierra Leone lost its last elephant in 2009 (imagine that!), it made me realize that these amazing creatures just might be around for long. Especially since the ban on the LEGAL sale of ivory was lifted allowing both legal and of course illegal, because really how much of ivory is legal? Seriously! Anyways, with such cheap flights to Nairobi and great deals on … More…

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