cheap flights to Rome with kids in tow


Cheap tickets to Rome? Check! Kids and hubby? Check! BTS  blog read? Check Now spring time is a simply great time to book those cheap flights to Rome.  And bring the kids, yes, it may be harder in the short term, but far more fulfilling in the long, trust me. Especially when I give you the major heads-up on what to do and what not to do. And trust me I know because… Boy did I mess up last summer in Rome. All my frustrations could have been avoided, AND … More…


cheap tickets to manila-man, is it worth it.

Yep, resculpted

These days ads like this: Shape your body to your pre-pregnancy silhouette, remove excess fat and skin that wont go with diet or exercise.  Hop on a flight to Manila, get the body you always dreamed of in a tropical paradise during your medical holiday… SAVE UP TO 70% off!!! ·       10 days 9 nights stay in a luxury five star hotel with buffet breakfast ·       Optional city tour or out of town tour ·       airport transfers ·       hotel-clinic-hotel transfers ·       OR fees, surgeon and anesthesiologist fees included ·       ECG, … More…


Best Airport Lounges

forget you're flying

Airport Lounges have become the golden ring of travelers. It makes all the difference whether you’re a frequent flyer on business or you’re taking your family on THE  big trip, the lounge is the entry and the exit point of everything. Strangely, it is what my children remember most of their long trip- not the plane or even the ten-hour plane ride, but they remember the Lufthansa lounge. It made them feel special. As most of you frequent flyers know, if you are a gold or a platinum member to … More…


Flights to Warsaw-party like its 1980

Baby it's fun out here

Nowadays flights from Warsaw to London are just for Poles going back and forth. It’s taken some time, but the English have finally discovered how much cheaper it is to fly to Warsaw for the weekend for a weekend of booze, women and all-night debauchery and rather than stay in prim old horribly expensive London. I mean have you ever seen how small their wine glasses are?! It should be illegal. There’s more club and pubs here than restaurants and grocers, not to mention all-night parties, beautiful people, hoppin’ DJs, … More…


Flights to Prague-get lost in a book

prague, beautiful prague

One  of my favorite memories of my seven years living in London was my library. There really was nothing better than escaping the city’s cold or heat and ducking into an old library. In those days you could smoke too. You probably could have brought in a bottle of Johnny Walker Black and had that too. Here books were like quiet places to hide, soft armchairs and Persian carpets made you feel at home. So I got to thinking what it must be like in other parts of the world … More…

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