Flights to Christchurch-God must be watching

new zealand extreme sports capital

God is watching. He has to be. People here do the most dangerous, most death-defying things and come away laughing. New Zealand has become the extreme sports/adventure capital of the world.  It’s like a molotov cocktail over here: You’ve got one of the most extraordinarily rugged landscapes and of course a group of hard core islanders. So when they see a bridge and a rope, they think “Hey, how can I jump over that thing without killing myself.” And they’ve turned it into an industry. The list includes jet boating, … More…


Flights to Yerevan Armenia


I’ll give you a hundred bucks if you can tell me where the heck is Yerevan. To be honest I had no idea, but let me tell you flights to Yerevan are packed. For two main reasons and let me give you a hint, it’s not celebrity travel. It’s Armenians and Christians who are filling up the planes. There are more Armenians outside Armenia than inside, and this is after all the world’s oldest Christian nation. Things are done a little differently here, like having to pay for your visa-on-entry … More…


Flights to Tallinn where Christmas never stops

tallinn christmas

Some like to blame it on Eastjet. All those flights to Tallinn from London carrying all those Brits looking for some good cheap fun, plenty of booze and fantastic looking women the Estonian capital has become the Las Vegas of the Baltics. But being the center of escapism is not because of the recent plethora of cheap flights to Tallinn , it’s been going on forever. From old Soviets to Finnish vacationers- its just 50 miles across the Gulf of Finland and has there’s a short ferry to Tallinn- people … More…


Flights to Madrid-it’s taking over as Spain’s hippest city

Plaza Mayor Madrid

Up until recently, Barcelona was usually considered Spain’s hippest city. But not anymore, it’s Madrid’s turn. Spain’s conservative financial hub has seen a flood of fresh investments, and with it has come newfound energy. Grab a few flights to Madrid and be amazed at just how hopeful this city feels. Improvements are all around. Have you seen Richard Rogers-designed terminal at Madrid-Barajas International Airport? They’re calling it the most beautiful airport in the world and is reason alone to book a cheap flight to madrid. Architecturally Madrid is not just … More…


Cheap flights This Holiday

Happy Holidays

I know we are supposed to be happy. I’m HAPPY!! I swear it.  I’m not stupid. If you complain during the Holiday Season, look or appear stressed, grumble at the check-out line at Toys R Us  people look at you like you might need to be hospitalized. Fortunately when it comes to flying, it’s totally okay to look, feel and act miserable. Because its a universally accepted fact that holiday travel sucks. Cheap flights to London? Hot deals on Paris Flights? What about cheap flights to Moscow? I’m telling you … More…

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