Doomsday Travel-Get your cheap tickets to Mexico right here!

Game over, baby

Mexico is finally getting a break. Theories of the end of the world are going to fill Mexican cities, hotels and beaches. So book your cheap flights to Mexico before it’s too late- and not as in the end of the world but as in the end of cheap flights to Mexico deals….Hallelujah!! Yes, according to those Mayans, December 21, 2012 marks the end of the current cycle of the Mayan “Long Count” calendar. And this, according to the doomsday-sayers, none of whom are Mexican or historians, translates to the … More…


Flights to Berlin-Check out Berlin’s Nightlife

Liquidroom Berlin

In my last post I neglected to mention that one of the best reasons to climb aboard a flight to Berlin is its extremely funky, cool, alternative nightlife. Seriously, I just don’t know how they come up with all the stuff. While a lot of it has to do with sex, drugs and really goof all-night street food, other neat things to do on a cool winter night is to try a sauna. Saunas for northern Europeans are about as common as heading to the gym for some of us. … More…


Grab a Cheap Flight to Unesco Heritage Sites


Let UNESCO Be Your Travel Guide! I don’t know about you but I seriously love UNESCO. Whenever I’m writing or reading about a place, when I hear it’s a UNESCO Heritage site, I don’t know why but it just turns me on. And it sounds so good whenever people come back from a trip and you ask them where they’ve gone and they don’t say something old and passe like “oh, we went to Switzerland.” They say, “we just did three UNESCO World Heritage sites.” Not only do they sound … More…


Berlin flights-where artists ping

berlin art

You don’t need to fly to Berlin to know that true artists are mourning the gentrification of Berlin. Art coops and squats are being bulldozed to make way for shiny new development, foreign capital, turning the city into just another city. But Berliners are not that easy to put down. People used to hop on cheap flights to Berlin just to take advantage of the cool, cutting edge scenes in the east.  Quarters like Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte and, more recently, Friedrichshain, have been slowly morphing into an oasis of prissy … More…


cheap flights to manila-everything you need for the new year

yep, it can be yours! Well, maybe not like this but...

What better way to start of the new year with a bang than a little botox and diving? I mean seriously. Manila and the Philippines are totally underrated because people for some reason get locked on issues like pollution and miss out on the big picture. Flights to Manila are basically free when you consider just how inexpensive it is to vacation here, to get a little work done, become a master diver, take a bride, you name, cheap flights to Manila are well worth their weight in gold. Manila … More…

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