Seoul Flights-is this the new Tokyo?

kim ya na

You don’t need to hop on a flight to Seoul to know that this place is heating up. In July PyeongChang won the bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics. People think it had as much to do with the new queen of figure skating Kim Yu Na as with anything else. She’s taken the world by storm. In June five k-Pop groups marked the first time any Korean singer held a conert in Europe with tickets flying out within seconds, and at Cannes last year director Lee Chang Dong won … More…


Flights to London and Amsterdam-Retrace your Heritage


Retracing the footsteps of the pilgrims For many Americans this is the time to remember the incredible voyage taken by the pilgrims, a group of very well-educated dissenters in search of religious purity. And fortunately with all the cheap flights to London and flights to Amsterdam you will not have to puke your guts out for 60 days. For Native Americans it is a time to wonder what would have happened had that ship never sailed. But sadly for the natives another ship would have sailed and then another and … More…


Flight to Hong Kong-where the good times never stop rolling

hong kong

If you ever want to take a break from the recession, get pampered and forget your worries,  jump on a flight to Hong Kong immediately.  Here people know how to have a good time. On any Tuesday night at 2 a.m. on Hong Kong’s Wyndham Street, you’ll see girls wrapped in metallic HervĂ© Leger bandage dresses moving to music from Maseratis on their way up to the Dragon-I nightclub up the street. There, they’ll drop six figures in the VIP Red Room before heading back up to Victoria Peak, the … More…


Flights To Munich-Grab that new BMW and drive!

your new bmw

These friends of mine hopped off their Munich flight with a secret smile, and a new set of keys to their brand new BMW with all kinds of bling. German plates too, which look extremely hot, I saw the pictures, every angle of their new car, the BMW factory and miles and miles of roadside footage.  The trip paid for itself with a few grand left over they told me. I was like what! Tell me what to do and I’ll do it! Apparently, this is a new trend.  An … More…


Holiday Travel Tips: Book Early!

why is this stressful?

Why is it so hard to pull the trigger? I don’t mean that trigger. I mean the booking holiday plans trigger. To a tropical paradise. Why? How can that be hard, right? Yet year after year I find we are always in the same position regardless of money and time, though both seem to become more and more scarce with each passing year. No one wants to book their holiday tickets until the very last moment, when there is no other choice. It’s the dumbest thing, really. There are so … More…

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