Hyderabad, India where the richest man on earth once lived

the richest man in the world

If his fortune were valued today, he’d be worth $208 billion dollars.  Yes, His Exalted Highness, the last Nizam of Hyderabad was the richest man in the 1940s, his fortune estimated at that time at $2 billion. He ruled Hyderabad between 1911 and 1948 until the Indian Government finally took it over. What a glorious history this princely region was,  and what a wacky ruler. The wealth was just ridiculous, dripping, if you will. Just take a look at the 60-car garage full of Rolls Royce cars at the Chowmahalla … More…


Flights to Sydney-where you will never swim with sharks! No Joke. Never.

sydney's rock pools

Now this is one of the coolest things I’ve heard about in, well, decades. I’m not kidding.  I’m booking my flight to Sydney NOW. And I’m bringing the kids because Sydney is seriously kid friendly and right now you can find some seriously cheap flights to Australia. Not only does it appease a fear, it also nourishes a desire I think everyone shares: To feel one-hundred percent free while swimming in deep ocean. Yes, I know that most of you out there perhaps don’t think twice about those little white … More…


Flights to Australia-Go Virgin Australia all the way!

Virgin Chairman Branson knows how to live

For all you Aussies out there dreaming of going home and visiting your family OR wishing you could fly from Australia to the US to visit your family here, it’s never been easier to book cheap tickets to Australia than it is now. And now when people ask what airlines fly to Australia people are answering V Australia faster than the national airline Qantas. V Australia, baby, it’s the best way to go.  With flights to Sydney from Los Angeles as well as Brisbane,  Virgin Australia is one of the … More…


Tel Aviv Flights-Zero Judgment Here

tel aviv

Some people who fly to Tel Aviv say it’s a bubble. And I’m pretty sure that’s the way they want it. Despite all the crap going on all around it,  Tel Aviv has had a major boost in quality of life over the past decade. The city’s European-style shopping streets and seriously crazy nightlife have long been a refuge from the ethos of self-sacrifice that characterized the Jewish state’s first settlers, and the infusion of wealth is adding a glossy surface. There’s great food. Just ask Parisian chef Joël Robuchon … More…


Flights to Nairobi-A perfect place to get away from the holidays


I have a friend that has a total hate for Christmas. She doesn’t  even buy a tree. And no she’s not a terrorist.  She just can’t stand what Christmas has become regardless of the religion. And so last year she booked her family- the kids weren’t as thrilled- on a cheap flight to Nairobi. Yep. Nairobi. Why? Well, she wanted them to see animals. The kids told her they watch animal planet and know what animals look like and even what they do. They did not need to fly to … More…

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