Flight to Panama City-tax breaks and pancakes

clean city of panama

Take a flight to Panama City, my friend, and see that it’s booming. Those who found Miami too costly, Costa Rica too dangerous,  find this country a model of stability. In fact, since Manuel Noriega was deposed in 1989 it’s booming. There’s a huge expat community here who have been lured because of Panama’s easy access to both oceans, tropical valleys, a climate south of the hurricane belt  and most importantly the infrastructure. It’s so easy to  Fly to Panama. Tocumen International airport has daily flights to 42 countries and … More…


flight to berlin-try your hand at a little gay sex

gay parades

Fly to Berlin, Gay Berlin I have a gay friend from Monaco. Being gay in Monaco is a stuffy affair, he says. Being gay in LA is, after awhile, no more thrilling than being a suburban housewife with routine sex twice a week. But gay in Berlin! Fly to Berlin and baby, it’s like a one-way ticket to Fantasy Island. Gay or not, Berlin is THE place to be for the sexually adventurous, the artistically adventurous and the plain old adventurous. And it’s all out there in the open. Parks … More…


Flight to Lima-Don’t move


I have fallen in love Machu Picchu, but like most I was quick to write off Lima and get to Cusco and begin the climb. I should have booked a flight to Lima and only Lima and hung around Lima for a while. The sunset alone in this golden city is enough to make you stop. The city faces due west across the Pacific, so the setting sun floods golden light onto the beaches where surfers sit on waves checking out all the people walking along the seafront eating their … More…


Air India Flights to London

Oui, I peed. So what? I am French

Now this is when I’d pull a Depardieu…. Sometimes that cheap ticket to London just ain’t worth it. Passengers aboard an Air India flight were stranded on the tarmac at London’s Gatwick Airport without food for nearly nine hours last Sunday. Check out this series of mishaps: Flight 131 from Mumbai to London was due to land at Heathrow at 7:30 a.m. but was diverted to Gatwick due to heavy fog. The plane, after a 10-hour flight, landed at Gatwick about 8 a.m. An Air India employee told the BBC that “creeping … More…


Flight to Mexico City- for a thriving art scene

Condesa D.F.

Gallery hopping in Mexico City Take a flight to Mexico City and the first thing you’ll notice is that Mexico City is thriving. And nowhere is this more evident than in art scene, which has taken over Mexico City where great wealth and edgy art mix so well. To go along with this, boutique hotels like the Condesa D.F. overlooking the Parque España are popping up. Here you’ll find a whole new kinda of scene where young, hip painters and sculptors are courted by wealthy American art collectors, board members … More…

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