Flight to sao paulo-where business is booming

sao paulo

Before you book your flight to Sao Paulo read this: If you ask a Brazilian the difference between SĂŁo Paulo and Rio, and judging by the look on their faces they get that question about as often as Germans get the Nazi question, they say the same thing, no matter who you ask. Rio is like Los Angeles, Sao Paulo is New York. Except they probably have way more cash than New York does at the moment. In the past they also got the rap of having more murders than … More…


Trip to Amman-where beauty and history collide

amman cafes

Do you know why there are so many cheap flights to Amman? Because there is no sign of the Arab spring, or as I call it now the Arab fall/winter. And you want to know why? Because they’re already living in their spring. It’s strange really how different one neighboring country can be from the other. Jordan has always stood apart from its more radical neighbors. Its king and queen adopted a more western approach to rule, and  women were allowed to be educated. For any of you out there-and … More…


Flight to Belize-see it while you still can

belize barrier reef

Fly to Belize and be confused. Belize may be in Central America, tucked under the Yucatan Peninsula between Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the south and west, but it was a British colony for more than 100 years, becoming independent  in 1981. You will hear Creole, Spanish and Garifuna spoken but English is learned and spoken by all, which feels a little weird in a tropical land peppered with Mayan ruins. But this is just one of the qualities that make this such a diverse and rich place … More…


Flights to Casablanca-an expat’s guide to Morocco


When locals  think of Casablanca, they think of  strong, dark coffee served in thimble-sized glasses, sweet mint tea. They think of  fresh fish at the port, strolls to the local market and stock up on fresh oranges for juice, melons, mangoes, peaches and plums, heaps of avocados, asparagus, tomatoes, and great bunches of herbs. Everything’s grown locally, odd-shaped and available only when in season. People here are gentle and the sound of donkeys braying in the night never is far. Casablanca has always lured foreigners from their cities, artists and … More…


Travel News Weekend Roundup

Shark Attack x3

Here are a few things of interest in the world of travel that caught my eye over the weekend. Shark Attack x3 If flying to Australia is on your agenda, stay out of the waters of Canberra. On Saturday a great white shark killed an American diver, but more importantly this is the third fatality in recent weeks off of southwest Australia. Authorities vow to track and kill the shark and believe it has come due to the whale migrating in larger numbers, which in turn attracts sharks. Great whites … More…

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