Where is Belgrade?

cycling the danube

After this you’ll never ask where is Belgrade again. It’s only the heart of Europe and home to the longest river in Europe. It’s also some of the best, most fun cycling in the world. Where flat roads wind through green peaks and huge reflective lakes, beer gardens await you after every long stretch. There are six things that professional cyclists dream of on a cycling holiday: flat, smooth tarmac, beautiful scenery never seen before, easy navigation, no traffic, delicious food, a cozy bed and a final destination that inspires … More…


A cheap flight to-hanging with celebs

rolling stones

All you fellow travelers, you weekend warriors, here’s a little bright spot the next time you have to buy plane tickets for a vacation you don’t know where to spend or if you’re traveling for work. Trendy celebrity owned hotels and villas, all over the world too! So the next time you get  a little time off and have a few airline tickets in your sweaty palm, try one of these celebrity approved, super cool guest list hotels, you may just get to hang out with your favorite celebrity or … More…


Kiev flights-love, sex and marriage are a flight away

Your Ukrainian dinner companion

Picture this for your next vacation: Hop on a flight to Kiev, have a car pick you up at the airport, take you to your hotel where you will quickly change and go out with a small group of men to meet twenty-five to thirty beautiful Ukrainian women between the ages of 20 and 30 for drinks, dancing and a little flirting. The good news: They ALL want to go out with you and CAN and WILL do whatever it takes to be the one you TAKE home. And not … More…


Where is Montenegro?

map of montenegro

Monte-what? Montenegro where is that? So close and  yet so far: It’s  is only 97 km from Italy. And fligths to Dubrovnik are cheap and easy to find. But it feels so exotic  here.  With only 625,000 people  this nation had the balls to became independent in 2006, separating itself from Yugoslavia in a close-run referendum. The name itself, Italian for “black mountain”  which gives the feeling of rugged wildness and rough terrain, but it’s is on the verge of becoming Europe’s next big destination. And  we at are … More…


Flights to Athens Greece-for shark-free fun!!!

Yep, you guessed it.

What’s the worst that could happen on vacation? Delayed flight? Missed connection? Lost bags? Nah, I’m pretty sure watching your husband getting eaten by a shark while you stand on the sand seeing the fin writhing and your husband crying. This actually happened two times this last August on a single beach in one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world: The Seychells. It also happens to be where the royals honeymooned just two months earlier. Imagine if this particular tiger shark had come upon Prince William or … More…

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