Flights to New Delhi-Experience Asia’s best hotel, train and plane

akshardham temple new delhi

India just blew away the competition at the World Travel Awards. I told you India was hot. The industry here has always been strong. Fantastic properties, English mannerisms, attention to detail and service and great prices have always made this country a great place to stay. In fact the hotels are often so luxurious, the food impeccable and the service perfect that you rarely want to leave. Last time we hopped flights to delhi,  we hotel hopped- a little five-star here and a little five-star there. The prices were so … More…


Flights to Bangalore-for the ultimate in spas

buddha silence

Could you be silent for five days? Many years ago at a Buddhist retreat, I tried it and I must say I hated it. With a passion. I was young and wanted to talk, to smoke, drink, have sex with the monks. But now I am older and don’t smoke or drink or have sex. So spirituality seems like a good plan and what better way to get spiritual than hop on a cheap flight to Bangalore or Mumbai? Now there’s a few reasons why this is a good idea: … More…


Where is Sarajevo?

bombed out buildings

Seriously, are people still asking where is Sarajevo? Man, I hope so. That means more and more time for me and my friends to keep this untrammeled place to ourselves. The war here ended ten years ago, they’ve recovered miraculously, and yet whenever you mention the words Bosnia or Herzagovina, the war pops up. The clash of cultures, religions, head scarves also comes up. Scarred buildings, broken bridges, it pops up. Their incredible resilience, their comeback, their acceptance also comes back. But you know what? I’m not booking a flight … More…


Cheap flights to the 10 most livable cities in the world

happiest people in the world

Recently I came across a global quality of life survey and noticed: That the most livable cities are all north That mine was nowhere near being nominated. So what makes a city the most livable? Low crime rate, efficient transport, strong public services, and good looks are the basics. Then there are other important issues like opportunity, which is huge, if you stop to think about it. We all want opportunity. And everywhere cities are feeling the downturn. So the question is, what are they doing to help that? Madrid … More…


flights to Buenos Aires-cool, hip Uruguay

la pedrera

Cool, hip Uruguay In Uruguay, life is always good. Especially in December, when their streets fill with surf boards and salty teens emerging from the water in the late afternoon. And of course, the Latinos know how to do it up. Most of them grab a Buenos Aires flight, hit the Punta del Este, for a high-end resort vacation. Or they head to Jose Ignacio where they see the same people they came to get away from. Thankfully, there’s an alternative, new breed of super-cool hotels that fall in line … More…

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