Flights to Croatia, Italy and France- Sample the slow food movement


One of the most exciting things going on in Europe is the slow-food movement which is really a way of conscious living. From the earth the food is planted in to the method in which it is collected and prepared, it is a holistic and mindful approach to food. SO when planning your next flight to Europe, grab a flight to Zagreb and sample the local foods. Stop by one of these artisan cheese markets, fresh restaurants and vineyards to get a taste of what life is really like here, … More…


Flights to Tel Aviv-What you need to know not to get busted

tel aviv, baby

Question: I just got off a flight from Tel Aviv where I had the most rockin’ time. Now I have to go to Beirut for a friend’s wedding. Is it true I’m going to get stopped? And they’re going to make me turn around? Answer: Oh, yeah. That’s the thing about Tel Aviv, you just don’t realize that there’s a war going on. Somehow Tel Aviv has always remained nonpolitical. Thank God for that. It’s kind of like Vegas state of mind but better. Cheap flights to Tel Aviv are … More…


Fly to Seoul-It’s seriously happening


I am about to fly to Seoul, and I have no idea what I’m in for I decided to do a little investigating by asking a good friend of mine who happens to be Korean. And this is what she said: There are four parts to Seoul: The old. The money. The trendy. The cheap. I told her I wasn’t that interested in D. and only mildly interested in A. I know, I’m a total loser, but I’ve already done my fair share of standing in line to see imperial … More…


Flights to Kiev-no passport required!


Today Kiev, or Kyiv, is synonymous with two things: Beautiful Women and beautiful babies and people come from all over the world for both. They’ve made it easy, too, they’ve dropped visa restrictions for Americans for less than 90 days, they’ve increased direct flights to Kiev from New York and Toronto and on Aerosvit , Ukraine’s national carrier, you avoid going through Frankfurt altogether and then of course there’s the all you can drink Vodka offered as your complimentary beverage. A heck of a lot less stuff than say, Delta, … More…


Flights to Nice and Marseille- A weekend in Van Gogh’s Provence

vincent van gogh peach tree in bloom in arles

In the end they all come to the south of France. All the greats, no matter how social, how Parisian, how cosmopolitan, in the end they all long for the south.  Even Picasso who ruled Paris from his incredible fortress like studio on Rue St. Augustins, even he moved to Mougins just outside Nice.  But it is Van Gogh’s portraits of Arles that have left the most lasting impression of Provence. For many of us, it is what we think of when the word is mentioned, the colors, the images, … More…

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