Flights to Bangkok-witness elephant rescue first hand

does this look comfortable?

The good thing about getting on a flight to Bangkok and entering an exotic city and incredible countryside is that you are completely transported. The bad thing is you sometimes lose your common sense. If you would have asked tourists ten years ago what was the highlight of their trip to Thailand, many would have answered elephant ride in Chang Mai. I, too, would have answered the same. In fact I have a picture on my desk of my mother and I on an elephant, she nearly puking her guts … More…


Flights to New Delhi- See where the real cowboys live

delhi cows

New Delhi Cowboys This September New Delhi hosts one of the most important book fairs in the world. From New York and London, editors are hopping on flights to New Delhi in search of their next great literary find.¬† Le Cirque has opened, yes, and rents have skyrocketed. But it’s the dang cows that still block traffic, cause judges to pull their hair out, holy men to throw rocks and cowboys to ride early on dung-covered trucks. Delhi cows still wander the streets like stray dogs no matter how many … More…


Flying today? Here’s what’s left of Irene

hurricane irene

Irene, Irene‚Ķcan I fly now Irene? The storm, which was a hurricane for days before being downgraded to a tropical storm status early Sunday, was blamed for at least 20 deaths across eight states. The U.S. government estimated that the cost from wind damage alone is expected to top $1 billion, with downed power lines leaving more than 4 million people without electricity. But all in all it wasn’t nearly as bad as they’d expected. And that’s a good thing. But for those of you traveling over the weekend or … More…


Tickets for Unaccompanied Minors

unaccompanied minors

Recently my daughter’s best friend flew to Beirut from Los Angeles, CA to Beirut, Lebanon ALL BY HERSELF. She’s 12 years old. I was pretty blown away and I was not alone. No one could believe that her mother put her on that long of a flight by herself.¬†¬† I thought of all the things that could happen to a young, shy girl from here to Beirut, from airports, bathrooms, food, weird people, missed connections, layovers, falling asleep and missing a connection, being hungry, tired, sad, and then adding to … More…


Flights to Manila-come back better than ever


Manila is quickly becoming the capital of cosmetic rejuvenation. And it’s more than just that flights to Manila are cheap. It’s their cutting edge hospitals and well-trained nurses¬† (which make up most of the US staff of nurses as well) that make¬† Manila so attractive to so many. Americans and Asians with a two-week holiday are booking cheap flights to Manila not just to lay by the pool but to enter one of these facilities, get a quick operation and then be whisked back to a luxury hotel where they … More…

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