Buying property in Italy: A trullo of my own

dream a little

Buying property in Italy: Today we went to look at property. Oh, stop it, I can dream, right? Anyway, we met the guy in his little blue Smart car at an abandoned bar (there are so many abandoned buildings here in the south- people build these huge ugly concrete blocks without permits and abandon them half way through when they get busted and can’t pay the bribe) and followed him up into the beautiful Itrian Valley. HereĀ  it feels a bit like California north of Santa Barbara. There are large … More…


Jet Set Life

packed up and ready to go

Jet Set Life When you have a lot of children you forget that for many travel is a way of life. That jumping on an airplane is far easier for some than a day in the life of a full-time mom. And you all know what I’m talking about, a trip to the market with two or three young ones in tow ages you way more than an international flight to Rome. Last night I was at a dinner party at an American woman’s incredible trulli in the hills, overlooking … More…


Learning by Being


It’s become all the rage, wealthy Americans, English and Germans buy these elfin cone shaped houses made of white stone, Trulli, fixing them, or in the case of the one we are in, adding on to them, and then either renting them or selling them. I have to have one. They are caves that you hide in to beat the heat, white caves that make you feel Macedonian. Yesterday it was 105 here, with a sun that literally stung. It’s all good and well if you’re at the beach floating … More…


Puglia Bella Puglia

Map of Puglia

Puglia Bella Puglia This is a different Italy. The spaces are wide open, the air is dry and hot, like Africa, windblown, with buildings half-abandoned and people that well, don’t look like the uptight Milanese who frequent Capri and Forte di Marmi. The land is flat, dry and empty but for the thousands of dry and seriously twisted, old, olive trees everywhere. So you might be asking yourself what’s a nice LA girl like myself doing in a place like this? Well, it all started with my husband’s college friend … More…


my summer vacation blog

lufthansa to Turin

Guess where I am? I’ll give you a clue: Step One: Locate Six cheap tickets to Munich which is no easy task. But thanks to the good people at www.bt-store.com we found them and we got to sit altogether. Step Two: Change in Munich. Step Three: Onto Turin: Okay, now picture this: Olive trees Adriatic Sea Starving stray cats Full sun Orange moon Magnificent Trulli Puglia. Beautiful Puglia. Yes, I have taken my traveling road show of a family on vacation to the south of Italy and it’s not to … More…

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