Flights to Munich-My one true love

munich airport

I am here to simply sing the praises of our flights to Munich via Lufthansa. Talk about a well-oiled machine and what a difference it makes to fly into an airport like Munich rather than, well, just about any other airport in the world.In fact it’s been voted one of the best airports in the world six times and Europe’s best. This award was given to them based on  11 million passengers from more than 100 countries and 240 airports. When we hear all these statistics, our eyes roll back … More…


Flights to Rome-and a free hospital stay

italian hospital

When you’re booking your LA to Rome flights, the last thing you’re thinking about is getting sick in Rome. In face no one wants to see the inside of a foreign hospital, but often, especially in my case, I’ve seen way too many. Once when my brother jumped on a cheap flight to Rome and drove up to visit us in Italy years ago, as soon as he got to out house near Genova he decided it was just a great time to clip into a coma. He did not … More…


Holiday in Italy–keep your eye on the weather forecast!

italy in july

The weather. Holiday in Italy. Seriously, they’re all talking about it.   My mother-in-law says, “It used to be that you’d never even have to look at the forecast to know if you could go to the beach, but now! Figurati! Piove sempre!” Before you fly to Italy, know this: Here in the north, Liguria and Piemonte to be precise it has been cloudy/raining/thunderstorms since May. The first few days that we came were the only warm days they’d seen. Up here where we are staying in the wine district boasting … More…


Fly to Rome-have a great italian holiday with your kids!


Why are there so many cheap flights to Rome? Because seeing Rome with your kids is essential. It’s also a great exercise in letting go. I think I’ve pretty much climbed up a few rings in the old mandala, if you know what I mean. First things first: Thank you Crowne Plaza Hotel for a breakfast that kicked ass. Now I don’t want to seem like an old American horribly set in her ways, but there’s just something nice about excess. As in: Walk into the restaurant at 8 am … More…


Trip to Itlay for a little culture shock

time to go

When we woke up in Puglia, dark, thick clouds were overhead, black birds were all over the prato inglese (that’s lawn to you and me) and it was raining. Ah, Nuncia our cleaning lady said rain never came to Puglia in the summer. But there it was a giant storm coming up from Africa to ruin all my laundry I’d hung out late the night before and the three weddings our friend had slated for the day. But, alas, a perfect day to say good-bye. As per the southern Italian … More…

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