Paris Air Show

paris air show

Some News We Actually Care About From the Paris Air Show Let me ask you something? You wanna fly from Paris to Tokyo in two and a half hours? Do you yearn for the Concorde days?¬† HELLO YES!!! Imagine what they’d charge these days? They’d probably just take your car keys at boarding or an organ. A baby, if it was cute. But forget your baby for a minute, Paris to Tokyo in two hours might just be possible. According to the people at EADS, the aerospace group that owns … More…


Time to Rekindle? Here Are Some Seriously Erotic Things To Do This Summer

is this you?

Want to rekindle? Here are the top 10 most erotic vacations ¬† The other day my husband was like, “I miss you.” I was like, “dude, I see you all the time. You see me. I wash your boxers every day, too.” “I feel like we’re never together anymore.” ‘We’re together all the time.” “Alright fine.” He says and promptly goes out and has an affair with his hot slutty secretary. Who knew what was hiding under that button down of hers, man, cannot compete, right? And you know what?¬† … More…


Make Cape Town Your Summer Steal


Most of us don’t think of traveling to South Africa. Unless we’re from there, or the world cup happens to strike, or a safari catches our eye. Few people really realize the incredible beauty, the comfort, grace and warm living that a place like Cape Town can offer. And¬† right the low Rand coupled with the cheap tickets to Cape Town on offer now makes it an absolute summer steal. Part Alaska, part Big Sur, Cape Town will blow you away with its massive beauty. From incredible stretches of sand … More…


Restaurants in the Sand

you could be here

Oh, God, I so want to be there…. As my feet were being picked and prodded by an aloof Vietnamese woman, and the sound of rival gang gunfire tweeted out in the distance of this urban sprawl I reside in, the cover of Conde Nast caught my eye, a woman in a bikini, sitting at a table with the entire ocean in front of her, the title something along the lines of “restaurants¬† on the sand, no shoes or shirt required.” And I lunged, I did. Kicked the poor woman … More…


Airbus’s Flying Glass Slipper

Imagine this!

Check it Out: The First Transparent Plane for 2050 Imagine this: An almost entirely transparent fuselage. Glass skies. Heaven so close you can almost touch it. Classes gone. First, business, economy, a thing of the past. They’re calling them Concept Cabins and they will have a series of different areas for passengers to lie back and enjoy the crazy, incredible, unbearably beautiful view. Oh, and get this: According to Airbus, passengers will be able to conduct interactive conferences, play virtual golf, read the kids back home a bedtime story or … More…

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