Malaysian Air says NO MORE BABIES in First!

Malaysia airlines

Malaysia Airlines bans children from first-class cabin It’s happening, my friends, one by one, the rich and powerful are saying NO! No more crying kids! No more kicking my seat! No more flying peas! Stinking diapers! Crying, whining! And finally someone has listened.¬† Malaysia Airlines has announced its luxury first-class cabins will be child-free zones. No matter how much money you have, if you’ve got kids, you’re going to the back. Yep, these nice ladies WILL NOT serve your children. The airline, which operates out of Kuala Lumpur, has already … More…


St. Tropez is Uncool

paris hilton

How do you know when a place has lost its cool? I’ll tell you: When hugely fat Russian Oligarchs are pouring $15,000 magnums of Dom Perignon into the not-so-clear waters below. Or: When a bottle of water costs $15 Or: When a beach mattress costs $75 Or: When the only car you see on the cobblestones streets is a Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari, Astin-Martin. Or: When you see Paris Hilton Or: Lindsey Lohan St. Tropez in August is just such a place. From September to May, this place is a jewel, … More…


Get Off Your Giant Ass!!!!!

summer hikes

Let’s Get Off Our Asses People, Let’s Get out of our heads too, it’s time to recharge and there’s no better place to do this than Norway. You heard me right, Norway. And it goes like this: Read the story, see yourself in the pictures, envision how you will feel, how your ass will look (like Pippa’s perhaps) and then book yourself an incredibly cheap flight to Oslo. Most of us think of one thing when it comes to vacations: Sitting on our asses.¬† Next: Eating. Next: Drinking with a … More…


Lost in Transit

C-1 transit visas

Transit Visas Are a major bummer. But sadly you must have one if you are a non-US citizen traveling through the United states to get to a final destination which is not the United States. Many people do not know that they must have one and are therefore turned away once they reach the United States. This applies to people on cruise ships as well, it applies to infants as well. If you do not fall into what they call countries falling under the Visa Waiver Program, which are: Andorra … More…


Virtual Love On The Road

the apeiron hotel in dubai as envisioned by architects

Virtual love making on the road in 2030‚Ķ.Do I have To? ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Architects are constantly looking for new ways to wow the world, and nowhere is this more evident than in the hotel¬† industry. And Dubai is in the front of the race to the future with their incredible locations, heights, use of glass and water, its dizzying in scale and beauty. But our good friends at Travelodge are going an entirely different route. They’ll probably have the same old brown bed covers and plastic shower curtains in … More…

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