Would you pay more…?

BWI AirSpace Lounge

Would you pay more for…..? In an attempt to improve the lot of us poor passengers forced to hunt for cheap flights to everywhere, eat scraps, sleep on chairs and pay $25 for a day-old cheese sandwich, here are a few ways airlines and airports are trying to fill the horrible void brought on by budget cuts. Airport lounge access for $17.50? Let me be the first to say, I am tired of speaking, hearing, and writing about budget cuts. I wish for just once, there were budget increases, that … More…


Taking it all off…

fkk all the way to Croatia

Taking it all off…. Are you ready to take it to the next level? Sure, you’re organic. You understand that what comes from nature is better for you. If you eat a healthy diet, live off the land, you will perhaps one day not be struck down by the big C. But how would it feel if you went completely natural? What if you stripped down to nothing but you? Swam in the sea, naked, showered outside naked, ate naked, socialized naked. Could you imagine it? We see kids naked … More…


Borocay Islands, The Philippines


Borocay Island, The Philippines. It has no become my mission to tell people about the Philippines. To enlighten them. Educate them, because seriously it’s getting ridiculous that all of you keep going on and on about Thailand when there’s the Philippines. Sometimes I think just the divers know about the Philippines. Or the American medical community, because they snag so many of their nursing students from school there. Or the Catholics, because they’ve snagged so many Catholics, thanks to the colonial rule by Spanish, because really if everyone knew just … More…


Too fat to fly?

too fat to fly?

Too Fat To Fly It has reared its ugly head again, again with Southwest Airlines over Easter weekend (Man do they have bad luck!), this time a mother and daughter, who were considered at the gate too fat to fly. You can imagine the scene for sure, and it would not be fun. She felt insulted: “It doesn’t matter how far I have come. I have a long way to go, but no one sees that. All they see is my exterior — someone who is fat,” explained Tiggeman. Well, … More…


Do you and your other fight over summer vacation?

I hate Hawaii! Well, I hate France!

Do you fight over where to go for summer vacation? The other day I heard some of my friends talking about Hawaii and their incredible vacation in Maui. “It’s paradise!” They giggled. “Oh, it’s so lush, so beautiful, so exotic.” Another chimed in, “and the people are so nice!” “So kid-friendly” “So easy to get to.” “And let’s not forget safe.” I’m in vacation drool. Vacation envy. I haven’t been to Hawaii since I was 14. And it’s unlikely I’ll be going anytime soon. See, my husband hates Hawaii. He … More…

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