How Long Do You Need to Unwind?


How Long Do You Need to Unwind?   And so we’re back. A lousy three-days. Did you make the most of every second? Did you bugger off work early? Come home as late as decency would allow on Monday night and crawl into work this morning? Did you make every second count? And did it? Did it count? Did you come back feeling blessed for your life, your wife, kids, husband, close airport, frequent flyer miles? Or was it not enough? Did it take just too damn long to log … More…


Getting Drunk in Patagonia

drinking wine in patagonia

Getting Drunk in Patagonia Yep, that’s right, getting drunk. As in primary activity, purpose for travel. Goal. Don’t call AA. I want no sponsors knocking at my door, heaving their great big book of troubles. If they went to Patagonia, they’d get drunk too. Perhaps that wouldn’t be their sole reason for going, but that’s what I call a detail. So it went a little like this: I was sent out to do a story on a certain stud of an Italian winemaker, you know the type, reclusive, BUT in … More…


Does America believe in Vacation?

laptop beach-guy

It doesn’t seem like it, does it? Even with all the cheap tickets to Europe out there, the typical American worker gets two or three weeks off plus national holidays out of 365 days to reboot the system. Wow. That’s seriously not enough, is it? And some employees are asked to take their phones with them, which means they’re expected to maintain regular email contact, which is also pretty sad.  In fact it’s estimated that only 57% of U.S. workers use up all of the days they’re entitled to, compared … More…


To Cruise or Not To Cruise?

Caribbean Cruise - Disney Wonder - Pool

Never will you find people more divided than when it comes to cruises… I have to admit the idea of going on a cruise makes me feel like jumping. Yes, I’d gladly be put in a hospital for a week or even two over being trapped on a boat with thousands upon thousands of the very same people I long to escape in the first place. Then there’s the horrible rooms. The never-ending troughs of food and of course the organized sight-seeing, which makes me feel like a cow. But … More…


Do Low-Cost Airlines Mean Big-Time Headache?


Low-Cost Airlines are a great way to travel within Europe. The fares are usually rock-bottom, there’s usually no penalty for a one-way and while there are usually no amenitites, for flights of one-hour, who needs, them? The only problem is: Most of them land miles and miles away from where you think you’re going They’ll leave without you if you’re late. They’ll leave without you if you’re early they’ll charge you and arm and a leg unless you doing everything to the letter of the law on their website WHICH … More…

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