I don’t want to be fat in Prague

I don’t want to be fat in Prague. Or Budapest. or Krakow. Q:  My husband is filming a new show for ABC in Eastern Europe, specifically Budapest, Krakow and Prague. We’ll be there for one month and I fear I will become fat and bored, to make matters worse I just lost twenty pounds and honestly the last thing I wanted to do was travel. I ALWAYS gain weight on trips. Any advice? A: Yes. Pack your running gear. Seriously there is no better way to stay fit, enjoy the … More…


Why India?

taj mahal

Why India? Yes, there are crazy, joyously  cheap tickets to Delhi. I could possibly even get an upgrade. But seriously, do I want to be surrounded by limbless kids, blind weavers, street urchins begging from fat wealthy Indians dripping with Jewels? Do I want to be stuck in traffic, inhaling fumes just to be mauled by more street urchins at the foot of the shrine. Does that sound like a vacation? Delhi belly? And yet, of all the places I have been to, and I have been to many, India … More…


Safari Anyone?

Karen Blixen Farm

Safari Anyone? The last post got me thinking, if Europe is available to me with all these cheap flights and great deals at incredible villas, cheap flights to Africa must be for the taking too. I know this is horribly cliche, but ever since I watched Out of Africa I’ve wanted to be Karen Blixen. Even when the whites are bring chased out, I still long to own a coffee plantation in the hills of Kenya and have people call me “mensab.” And don’t forget the gorillas. I could so … More…


I want to go to Europe this summer

oh, jeez!

I’m tired of being poor and never do I feel poorer than in Spring. Why? Because people start talking about summer travel plans. “So where are you going this summer?” People who have done well drop things like “oh, maybe Europe, Paris, perhaps.” People who have not think roadtrip, and it usually comes out as follows, “we just want to downsize this summer, hang out in our pajamas,  spend some quality time-” Or: “Traveling is just such a headache these days, it’s just so not worth it.” Which is code … More…


New York Rats


NEW YORK RATS Tourists visiting New York this summer may miss out on one of the city’s most famous sights¾Rats scurrying across the fountain in front of their $800 a night suite at the Palace Hotel. Fancy an early morning jog? No more tripping over one of the large, fat, species. That is if Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has his way. After last years’ horrible bed bug infestation, Stringer wants to put an end to all these bugs hampering tourism,  and he’s starting by demanding the rat control budget … More…

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