Hidden Fees Part III


Hotels Sadly, for those terrified of hidden fees, you can’t even rest here, either. Like airlines, hotels have been in on the game of hidden fees for some time. And they managed to be quite profitable from it. In recent years, hotels have become increasingly adept at finding ways to nickel and dime their customers. An audit conducted by PriceWaterHouseCooper’s Hospitality Division, concluded that hotels are gorging themselves on surcharges and hidden fees. For most of us, it’s a few extra charges here and there, that we’ll roll our eyes … More…


Hidden Fees Part II: Airline Tickets

dog eat dog

Hidden Fees Part II It’s a dog eat dog world out there and as anyone over the age of twenty-five probably knows by now, the food chain is not limited to the animal world. Yep, we’re talking about airlines and their repeated attempts to bilk us with their hidden and often absurd fees. But I’m not about to go on a Bernie Madoff rampage against them, because when all is said and done, airlines are not really the evil corporations that we want to make them out to be. Even … More…


Hidden Fees

hidden fees

Hidden Fees We’re all the same, we struggle to find good travel deals. We browse websites late into the night, we scan blogs, read reviews all in the hope of finding the flight, hotel and itinerary that is just perfect for our budget. What many of us don’t know is just how hard others work to embed fees into services we don’t think about at all until we open the bill and cry. Welcome to the first in our three-part series of hidden fees. First we’re going to tackle foreign … More…


conquering my fears

not a lot of fun

That’s it, below, in the picture, welcome to what keeps me up at night. My greatest fear. They say people are divided into two groups: Ocean lovers and mountain lovers. I am most assuredly an ocean lover. Everything about the sea, the sand calls me. And yet I am terrified of sharks. I am, I can’t help it. Terrified. But also a little fascinated. My husband is a diver, he has no fear. I am a snorkeler, I hang close to the gated entrance of reefs, hug the ragged coastlines … More…


Staying thin in Rome


Staying thin in Rome Q: My husband found these ridiculously cheap tickets to Rome, and surprised the whole family with a spring trip for a week. The thing is summer’s just around the corner and we’re supposed to go to Greece on a boat, which means full bathing suit exposure. I’ve been on a pretty strict diet for the past month and I really don’t want to blow it. And I really want to go to Rome with the kids. Do you have any good tips for staying thin that … More…

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