Too Old for Machu Picchu?


Question: My mother found some cheap flights to Lima and got this crazy idea to take me to Machu Picchu before she croaks. For some weird reason she thinks it is something everyone has to see once in their lifetime. Why? I have no idea. What I want to know is, is it safe for a woman of seventy-two to go there? What’s the best way to see Machu Picchu when you’re not in the best physical condition? Answer: Mom’s dead-on. Hello! It’s only one of the seven wonders of … More…


Can Fido Come?

Taking Fido Found a  cheap flight to London? But zero dog sitter? A super great flight to Paris but can’t leave Fido? Or did your man surprise you with a flight to Rome but your dog says no? Sometimes you just don’t want to leave old Fido at home. But can you travel with dogs? Will they be racially profiled? Cavity searched at the airport? Detained or deported by the TSA? What happens if they pee? Here are the answers to just some of the questions keeping you and Fido … More…


Istanbul, a Safe Perfect Getaway


Calling all Women Travelers: Istanbul is not as scary as you think! For some reason, people, and especially women, are scared to go to Istanbul alone, which is crazy, ask any Turk, it’s safer than most Western cities. In fact, they’re scared of our cities. Yes, people, Istanbul  has evolved into a twentieth century city with sophistication that rivals Paris but with a friendliness of a small city.  And it’s so close to the rest of Europe that when I saw how cheap Istanbul flights were, I thought, you know … More…


Calling All Travel Disasters

Lost Luggage

Some Stories from Tough Travelers Just Like You: You wrote in, you told your worst travel experiences which make for the best stories. It’s the name of the game, the price for adventure, and lucky for us, it doesn’t happen all that often. 1.Luggage! We began our 18 day trip to Peru/Ecuador not so well.  On our connection from LaGuardia to Guayaquil, Ecuador our luggage was lost. LAN then  unexpectedly upgraded to us First Class, we later wondered if they knew they’d lost our luggage. After 2 days of being … More…


Cannes, Baby!

cannes film festival

Cannes Film Festival I need a break from reality. And a movie just won’t do. No, I need to immerse myself in a scene so detached from reality, so glamorous, so enclosed, where I wake every morning surrounded by perfection in food, nature, people, where there is no such thing as boredom, where I wake up and see Angie and Brad eating their continental breakfast just across the room from me. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m heading to Cannes this year via cheap flights to Paris or maybe even just … More…

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