Beautiful Ghana

Girl holding Ghana Flag

BEAUTIFUL GHANA Did you know that Ghana happens to be the new hotspot for American university programs abroad? Why? Well, for one thing, compared to other countries in the region, Ghana is stable and prosperous, the people are extremely warm and friendly and spend much of their day on the streets just chatting with people. Dubbed, Africa for beginners, Ghana is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of this incredible continent and feel safe at the same time. To escape the heat there are great stretches of … More…


The Do’s and Don’t of Lagos

Do’s and Don’ts of Lagos Lagos is fastly becoming one of the largest centers of business in Africa. International businesses have brought with them a large international work force, need for housing, diversity of restaurants, shopping, entertainment and transportation.  It is also home to the country’s top industries and businesses with over 65% of imported goods passing through its ports and 80% of manufacturing being handled within or around its vicinity. Lagos also draws the best from all over Africa. Foreigners from mainly West African countries are by far the … More…


Oldest Trick in The Book Could Empty Your Pockets

The Distraction

The Oldest Trick in The Book Rick Steves, America’s leading authority on European travel, has some great new tips on evading Europe’s most ingenious pickpockets. Picture the scene: You’re strolling down a street in Rome, eating the best gelato you’ve ever tasted,  in a state of bliss when suddenly a beautiful woman starts arguing with a street vendor. A crowd gathers as he accuses her of shoplifting. To prove her innocence, she starts to strip. Once she’s down to her underwear, the vendor apologizes, the woman leaves, and the onlookers … More…


Ski Europe Today!

Just Do it

GO AHEAD SKI EUROPE TODAY!   One of the signs of an intelligent society is the ability to change habits when those habits no longer make sense. And this brings me, of course, to skiing. Most Americans have put off skiing in Europe for reasons that you will soon see, make no sense. You have no idea what you’re missing by not skiing in Europe! Not only will it not cost you more, you will have the trip of a lifetime. Whether it’s  a romantic trip for a surprise anniversary … More…


Flying in Bad Weather: Regain Your Power

Regaining Your Power-And Yes You Do Have (a little) Power!       Traveling is about weathering the unexpected. The good and the bad. Now the good, we don’t really need to prepare for that, because well, it’s good. And we all embrace the good. But the bad, well, the bad we don’t embrace. We panic, we curse our bad luck, and then, we settle into being the victim. But guess what you don’t have to be the victim. And you don’t have to be the mean, crazed, sleep-depraved bad-breath … More…

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